Vol 9. Issue 5 / February 9, 2009

Scientists Identify a Mutation that Causes Inflammatory Bowel Disease - A team led by Department of Genetics Chair Bruce Beutler has linked a mouse gene to an increased susceptibility for developing ulcerative colitis—a major cause of human inflammatory bowel disease.

Scripps Research Appoints Three New Chemistry Faculty - Professsor Tom Kodadek, Associate Professor Glenn Micalizio, and Assistant Professor Brian Paegel join Scripps Florida.

Gerald Edelman, K. Barry Sharpless, Peter Vogt Named "Top Scientists of All Time"

Michael Boddy Wins Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Award

Scientists Uncover Potential New Target for Schizophrenia Treatment

Team Finds Drug Lessens Body's Massive and Often Deadly Immune Response to Flu Virus

Team Develops New Technique to Tap Full Potential of Antibody Libraries

The Immortal Molecule

Scientists Develop Method for Generating Novel Types of Stem Cells

Scientists Watch Membrane Fission in Real Time, Identifying a Cellular Fission Machine

Team Defines New Painkilling Chemical Pathway

Touch and Go

Team Increases Understanding of Two Types of Blindness, Bolsters Simple Prevention Strategy, and Develops Gene Therapy Option - "[Our study] implies that something as simple as changing your diet may in fact maintain visual functioning for long periods of time even if the underlying abnormality hasn't been fixed," says Professor Martin Friedlander.