Vol 8. Issue 19 / June 16, 2008

Scientists Discover Synthetic Chemicals that Create Pluripotent Stem Cells from Adult Cells - "These advances bring us closer to the day when we can use these powerful cells to make any kind of human tissue that we need to help patients," says Associate Professor Sheng Ding.

Jeffery Kelly, Jamie Williamson Assume New Leadership Roles - Jeffery Kelly has become chair of the Board of the Skaggs Institute for Research; Jamie Williamson has become dean of the Kellogg School of Science and Technology.

Tom Maimone Recognized with Roche Award of Excellence

BIOCOM Education Committee Wins Partnership Award

Endeavor Magazine Wins Top Honor

Scientific Art on the Go


NIH Awards $20 Million CTSA Grant to Scripps Translational Science Institute

Scientists Find Seizure Drug Reverses Cellular Effects of Alcohol Addiction in Model

New Patent Covers Broad Class of Promising Chemical Reactions

Scripps Research Celebrates 16th Commencement

Connecting with the Science of the Synapse

Scientists Identify Protein Critical for Iron Absorption

New Study Finds T Cell Multiplication Unexpectedly Delayed After Infection

Fundamental Questions: An Interview with Albert Eschenmoser

A Ghost in the House

The Secret Life of Stem Cells

Research Unveils New Stabilizing and Signaling Properties of Cholesterol in Key Human Receptors - The findings from the Stevens lab point to a novel target to enhance select therapeutics.