Vol 8. Issue 17 / May 19, 2008

Team Devises Innovative Method to Produce Highly Sought-After Drug - The new synthetic method, published by the Baran lab, should accelerate development of the cortistatin A molecule as a potential treatment for various diseases.

A New Slap Against Malaria - A collaboration led by Associate Professor Elizabeth Winzeler has resulted in a promising new antimalarial drug candidate.

2008 Graduating Students - Their names, faces, advisors, and dissertations.

PLoS ONE Highlights Joazeiro Lab Paper


Connecting with the Science of the Synapse

Scientists Identify Protein Critical for Iron Absorption

New Study Finds T Cell Multiplication Unexpectedly Delayed After Infection

Fundamental Questions: An Interview with Albert Eschenmoser

A Ghost in the House

The Secret Life of Stem Cells

Scientists Develop Process to Disrupt Hepatitis C Virion Production

Scientists Identify Potential New Target for Treating Metastatic Cancer

Scripps Research Celebrates 16th Commencement - Scripps Research pays tribute to 28 new Ph.D.s and honorary degree recipient trustee Claudia S. Luttrell in ceremonies that include a keynote address by eminent scientist Ernest Beutler.