Vol 8. Issue 9 / March 17, 2008

Scripps Florida Awarded $7.6 Million Grant to Develop Novel Treatments for Parkinson's Disease - "Development of a drug that prevents dopaminergic neurodegeneration would be a quantum leap in the clinical treatment of Parkinson's disease," said project leader Philip LoGrasso.

Flexible, Top-Ranked Program Attracts Future Graduate Students - "We aren't just interested in getting you a degree," said Professor Jeffery Kelly, dean of the Kellogg School, in welcoming the prospective students. "Our role is to make you as good as you can be."

Ian Wilson Honored Three Times

Three Barbas Papers Make "Most-Cited" List



Scientists Devise Approach that Stops HIV at Earliest Stage of Infection

A Bigger Picture: Peter Kuhn Looks at Circulating Tumor Cells

Diamonds and Pearls

In Memoriam: Frank J. Dixon, 1920-2008

Medicine Man: Philip LoGrasso Targets Drug Discovery

Scientists Discover New Gene Linked to Fragile X Syndrome

Scientists Find New Genetic Mutation that Halts the Development of Lupus

Team Finds a Widely Used Anti-Malarial Drug Prevents Cancer Development


Scientists Identify Potential New Target for Treating Metastatic Cancer - The Quigley lab finds that blocking the protein CD151 tethers cancer cells in place.