Vol 8. Issue 3 / January 28, 2008

Team Develops New Method for Creating Self-Assembling, Nanoscale Materials - The results from a study led by Richard Lerner and Tobin Dickerson could advance biomedical screening and microelectronics.

Hao Jiang - Meet Hao Jiang, research associate in the Vogt lab.

Kendall Nettles Wins American Cancer Society Grant

Scientists Find New Genetic Mutation that Halts the Development of Lupus

Team Finds a Widely Used Anti-Malarial Drug Prevents Cancer Development

Team Identifies Human Antibodies that Prevent Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Mouse Model

Scientists Discover Chemical Triggers for Aggression in Mice

New Research Identifies a Novel Receptor and Potential Target to Prevent the Sexual Transmission of HIV-1

Scientists Develop Modeling Method that Increases Our Understanding of Diseases like Cystic Fibrosis and Alzheimer's

Failure is Not an Option


Scientists Discover New Gene Linked to Fragile X Syndrome - The discovery from the Wahlestedt lab suggests potential targets for autism and other neurological disorders.