Vol 7. Issue 36 / December 3, 2007

Genentech Grant to Support Three Immunology Interns - The new grant will support participants in the 2008 Summer Immunology Undergraduate Program.

Generous Gifts Make Possible Merit Awards for Graduate Students - The Graduate Office announces the names of 18 merit scholarship winners.

Ernest Beutler Honored with First Wallace H. Coulter Award

Cindy Ehlers Wins 2007 Thurman Award

Scientists Develop Modeling Method that Increases Our Understanding of Diseases like Cystic Fibrosis and Alzheimer's

Failure is Not an Option

Team Blocks Bacterial Communication System to Prevent Deadly Staph Infections

Scripps Research Wins $51 Million to Study Critical Immune Response Mechanisms

Inventing New Chemistry

Structure of HIV Capsid Protein Reveals Potential Weakness at Inner Core of Virus

Scientists Develop Innovative Dual Action Anthrax Vaccine-Antitoxin Combination

Tales from a Life in DNA






New Research Identifies a Novel Receptor and Potential Target to Prevent the Sexual Transmission of HIV-1 - A team led by Associate Professor Philippe Gallay has discovered that receptors on dendritic cells may be deeply involved in the transmission of the deadly virus.