Vol 7. Issue 34 / November 12, 2007

A New, More Complex Role for a Major Component of Cell Migration - Research from the Bokoch and Danuser labs has added new depth to our understanding of how the complex process of cell migration works.

Wendy Keeney - Meet Wendy Keeney, vice president for Philanthropy in La Jolla, California.


Team Blocks Bacterial Communication System to Prevent Deadly Staph Infections

Scripps Research Wins $51 Million to Study Critical Immune Response Mechanisms

Inventing New Chemistry

Structure of HIV Capsid Protein Reveals Potential Weakness at Inner Core of Virus

Scientists Develop Innovative Dual Action Anthrax Vaccine-Antitoxin Combination

Tales from a Life in DNA

Pearson Family Chair to Support Forward-Looking Alcohol and Addiction Research

Researchers Shed New Light on How Antibodies Fight HIV






Failure is Not an Option - Professor Ray Stevens and his lab publish a pair of groundbreaking papers, crossing the finish line in a marathon search for the structure of an important receptor.