Vol 7. Issue 29 / October 8, 2007

Study Reveals Mechanism Behind Nicotine Dependency - The findings point to potential new medications for smokers trying to quit.

Chris Fish - Meet Chris Fish of the Instrumentation and Design Lab.

Tales from a Life in DNA

Pearson Family Chair to Support Forward-Looking Alcohol and Addiction Research

Researchers Shed New Light on How Antibodies Fight HIV

Researchers Pinpoint Specific Neurons Involved In Memory Formation

Physicist in Disguise

Building on Success: Cindy Ehlers Extends Innovative Research on Alcoholism

New "Checkmate" Method Provides Powerful Tool for Preventing Spread of Future Epidemics





Scientists Develop Innovative Dual Action Anthrax Vaccine-Antitoxin Combination - The new compound could provide rapid treatment and long-term protection in a single injection.