Vol 7. Issue 25 / September 10, 2007

Study Reveals Prion Disease Culprit - The new research, led by Professor Corinne Lasmezas of Scripps Florida, identifies intermediate-stage prion protein aggregates as the primary cause of mad cow and Creutzfeldt-Jacob diseases.

New Protein Family Provides Unexpected Link Between Two Regulatory Pathways - A collaboration between the Boddy, McGowan, and Tainer labs reveals a never-before-seen protein complex, Slx8-Rfp1.

Scripps Research Lab Hosts Breast Cancer Science Training - Fifty-two breast cancer action advocates learned about researchers' efforts to understand and develop new treatments for the disease.

Bruce Beutler Wins Balzan Prize

Ang Li Awarded Bristol-Myers Squibb Fellowship

Andrea Nold Selected for ACS Fellowship


Physicist in Disguise

Building on Success: Cindy Ehlers Extends Innovative Research on Alcoholism

New "Checkmate" Method Provides Powerful Tool for Preventing Spread of Future Epidemics

The Song Remains the Same

From Science to Medicine: An Interview with Eric Topol

Memento: Exploring the Mysteries of Memory

Team Awarded $17 Million Grant to Develop Therapeutic Use of Adult Stem Cells to Treat Eye Diseases

Scripps Research Holds 15th Commencement

Understanding Atherosclerosis as "Inflammation Gone Bad"

Mixing Basic and Applied Research: An Interview with John Cleveland

On Genetics: An Interview with Bruce Beutler




Researchers Pinpoint Specific Neurons Involved In Memory Formation - "We show that when you learn, and when you recall what you've learned, you reactivate the same neurons used during the original experience," says cell biologist Mark Mayford.