Vol 7. Issue 23 / August 13, 2007

In Brief

Postdoc Office Introduces Walk-In Hours
The Postdoctoral Services Office is pleased to announce walk-in career advising sessions every Tuesday morning, between 9 and 11:45 AM, beginning Tuesday, August 21.

These quick, 15-minute sessions require no appointment—simply check in with Holly Wheeler at the front desk when you arrive. Sessions can focus on any of these common topics: resume/CV/cover letter critique, interview preparation, self-assessment, networking tips, job offer negotiation, and resources for exploring career options.

Walk-in sessions are first-come, first-served at the Postdoctoral Services Office on the third floor of the 3366 (San Diego County Credit Union) building. For more in-depth career conversations, regular advising appointments are still available during normal business hours.

Lunch & Learn: "The Art of the Dance"
Daphne Lurie of the Counseling and Psychological Services Department will speak on "The Art of the Dance: Balance and Connection in Intimate Relationships" on Thursday, August 23, from noon to 1 PM, as part of the ongoing Lunch & Learn seminar series. The workshop will include: a lively discussion of key variables in romantic relationships, perspective on the role balance plays in relationships; case examples to draw on as your explore your own relationships; and positive ways for your and your partner to adjust your relationship patterns. The seminar, arranged by the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services, will be held in the Keck Amphitheater, Beckman Building, on the La Jolla, California campus.


Workshop: "Getting Started in Your Workplace Savings Plan"
Benefits Administration is pleased to have Fidelity Investments on the California Campus to present a workshop, “Getting Started in Your Workplace Savings Plan,” on Tuesday, August 28, from noon to 1 PM. This is a beginner’s workshop designed to educate employees on the benefits of savings in their workplace savings plan.

Some of the topics covered with be: the benefits of contributing to a retirement savings plan; how to enroll in the plan and/or increase current savings amounts; the creaton of a budget and a plan for savings; the advantages of tax-deferred savings; typical retirement income sources; and plan features and investment options.

The workshop will be held in the Human Resources Training Room, 3377 N. Torrey Pines Ct., Room 205.

Library Tip: Current Chemical Society Reviews
The Kresge Library now provides access to the current years of Chemical Society Reviews. Previously, only the archive was available. Chemical Society Reviews publishes "tutorial and critical reviews" on "topics of current interest in the chemical sciences." Some recent articles are: "The Growing applications of Click Chemistry," "Metals in Membranes," and "Self-Assembled Peptide Nanostructures." For more information, contact the Kresge Library Help Desk, x4-8705 or helplib@scripps.edu.

San Diego County Credit Union Adds ATM on Campus
Scripps California employees might like to know that the San Diego County Credit Union (SDCCU) has added an onsite ATM at its Torrey Pines branch, 3366 North Torrey Pines Court, Suite 100, La Jolla, on the Scripps Research campus. The ATM, which is free for SDCCU customers, is located inside the branch and is accessible during banking hours.

Pilates and More
Pilates classes, offered on the La Jolla campus every Monday and Wednesday at noon, will now be held in the new gym at 10330. In addition, a free weight and cardio interval conditioning class has been added on Tuesdays from 11 to 11:50 AM. Mats are preferable but not mandatory. Classes are $5 each. For more information, contact Beth Peterka of Research Computing, who in her other life is a certified instructor in Pilates, strength training, and spin, at x4-9362 or bpeterka@scripps.edu.

English-as-a-Second-Language Session Begins
A new series of English-as-a-Second-Language classes will begin Tuesday, August 21. Instructor Cassandra Wadkin's class meets from 6:30 to 8:30 PM every Tuesday evening in the Immunology Building West Conference Room. The price for three months (12 classes) is $60.

Each intermediate-level English class is divided into speaking and listening, idioms and vocabulary, and reading and writing. If you would like to improve your English and your understanding of your friends and colleagues, movies, television shows, and the news, this class is for you. The class uses movies, games, television shows, grammar books, songs, drawing and novels to teach standard American English. Have fun and learn English at the same time! For more information, please leave a message at x4-2176.

Heads Up for Road Construction
A new City of San Diego road improvement project is beginning on Genesee Avenue from Campus Point Drive to the I-5 overpass bridge. The goal of the project, which is scheduled to last until August 2008, is to improve traffic flow and alleviate traffic congestion along Genesee Avenue. The project will widen this portion of Genesee Avenue from four lanes to six; improve existing medians and add new raised medians, sidewalks, and bus pads; and add a southbound right-turn lane at Campus Point Drive, a northbound right-turn lane at Scripps Hospital Drive, and a westbound left-turn lane at the I-5 overpass bridge, among other improvements.

For more information on the project, visit www.sandiego.gov/engineering-cip/projectsprograms/genesee.shtml. If you have questions or would like to receive monthly email updates, call the project hotline at (619) 533-7539 or contact Leslie Emmanuel at LeslieE@CollaborativeServices.biz.

Benefits Reminder: Paid Time Off
With summer in full swing, Benefits Administration in Human Resources would like to reiterate the Paid Time Off available to regular and part-time benefit eligible employees who are eligible for Paid Personal Leave (PPL) and Extended Sick Leave (ESL). Faculty and scientific staff are eligible for ESL only, while research associates and graduate students do not accrue either PPL or ESL.

PPL is used for vacations, personal time off and the first two days of absence due to illness or injury. ESL is used for an employee's or family member's illness or injury that results in an absence from work greater than two days. The need for leave for a family member must be to actively participate in the person's care and recovery. Therefore, for an extended illness an employee should deduct the first two days of absence from PPL and the third and subsequent days should be deducted from ESL.

However, ESL hours may be used from the first day of absence in the event the absence is due to his or her own illness/injury or a family member's illness/injury that results in immediate hospitalization, outpatient surgery, or a chronic illness. In these instances, ESL can be deducted from the first day of absence.

Chronic conditions include diseases such as diabetes, asthma, hepatitis, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, Crohns disease, heart disease, epilepsy, cancer, cerebral palsy, etc. Each person's request to use ESL for a chronic condition must be preapproved by the supervisor and requires a physician's certification upon initial request and on a periodic basis thereafter. The list of conditions noted above is not to be considered a comprehensive list and each situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Human Resources is always available for consultation with affected employees and their supervisors for guidance in these situations.

In addition, a physician's statement may be required for all uses of PPL and/or ESL due to illness including time off to care for a family member. 

Further information can be found on the Scripps Research website on the Paid Time Off webpage located at http://www.scripps.edu/hr/benefits/pplesl.html, including a link to FAQs and Administrative Guideline 1.55 Paid Time Off–Paid Personal Leave/Extended Sick Leave. Questions regarding the use of PPL and ESL can be directed to Benefits Administration at benefits@scripps.edu or x4-8487.

Upcoming Onsite Clinics
On Monday, August 20, Wednesday, August 22, and Friday, August 24, personnel from Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group will be on-site to conduct TB screenings, hepatitis B immunizations, serum draws, and tetanus immunizations.

The clinics will be conducted in the 3366 Building, in Room 325, on the third floor, from 11 AM to 2 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

No appointments are necessary. TB screening requires a 48 to 72 hour follow-up. Individuals receiving the TB screen on Monday will need to return on Wednesday, and individuals screened on Wednesday, will need to return on Friday. Initiation of the TB screening process will not be available on Friday, but hepatitis B immunization, serum draws, and tetanus immunizations will be. To learn more about these programs, see the Environmental Health & Safety Occupational Medicine web page.


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