Vol 7. Issue 21 / July 16, 2007

Study Links Chronic Methamphetamine Abuse and Cardiovascular Disease - A major new risk factor for a fast-spreading drug epidemic is uncovered by the Janda and Dickerson labs.

Vandana Ramachandran - Meet Vandana Ramachandran, a research associate in the Winzeler lab and new president of the Society of Fellows.



From Science to Medicine: An Interview with Eric Topol

Memento: Exploring the Mysteries of Memory

Team Awarded $17 Million Grant to Develop Therapeutic Use of Adult Stem Cells to Treat Eye Diseases

Scripps Research Holds 15th Commencement

Understanding Atherosclerosis as "Inflammation Gone Bad"

Mixing Basic and Applied Research: An Interview with John Cleveland

On Genetics: An Interview with Bruce Beutler

Playing to Win: An Interview with Ian Wilson on Project Checkmate

Making Life Difficult For Viruses


The Song Remains the Same - It's been a busy year so far for noted chemist Chi-Huey Wong and his Scripps Research group.