Vol 7. Issue 6 / February 26, 2007

Scientists Unveil Structure that May Be Key to AIDS Vaccine Development - "The structure is an important advance in efforts to rationally design an HIV vaccine," says Professor Dennis Burton.

Board Business: Faculty Promotions Announced; Retiring Trustee Honored - Dong-Er Zhang has been promoted to full professor. David Goodin has been promoted to associate professor with tenure. Retiring trustee Charles C. Edwards was recognized for his leadership and service.

Study Reveals Structural Dynamics of Single Prion Molecules

Richard Lerner to Receive Honorary Degree from Oxford

Schultz Lab Awarded Stem Cell Grant

Ehlers Group to Participate in New Underage Drinking Prevention Research

Ryan Shenvi Wins Lesly Shelton Graduate Award






Compounds Show Significant Promise Against Potential Bioweapon Toxins

Study Reveals New Activation Mechanism for Pain Sensing Channel

Study Reveals New Function of Protein Kinase Pathway in Tumor Suppression

Combination Therapy Obliterates New Vessel Growth in Tumors and Retinopathy

Study Questions Need for Potential Vaccine Additive

Study Helps Explain Why Botulinum Toxin Is So Deadly

Focusing on What's Important

A Stitch in Time

Team Discovers a Chemical Pathway that Causes Mice to Overeat and Gain Weight - The research, led by neuroscientists Manuel Alvarez-Sanchez and Tamas Bartfai, could ultimately aid in the development of obesity treatments through an understanding of the inflammatory aspects of obesity.