Vol 6. Issue 18 / May 22, 2006

Study Details Hepatitis C Ability to Block Immune System Response - The findings from the Chisari lab could influence approaches to treatment for this devastating global disease.

Scientists Reveal Signaling Pathways for Expansion of Pancreas Stem Cells - "Our work focused on guiding stem cells, or pancreas progenitEors, to differentiate into beta cells," says Professor Nora Sarvetnick.

Noah Burns and Scott Harrison Honored for Outstanding Research in Chemistry

La Jolla Campus to Host Job Fair



Still on the Case

Study Results Offer Guidance in Treatment of Alcohol Dependence

Immune Response to HIV in the Brain a "Double-Edged Sword"

Lack of a Key Enzyme Dramatically Increases Resistance to Sepsis

Simple Tools for Complex Problems

Free Range Problem-Solving

New Class of Enzyme Inhibitors Blocks Replication of SARS Virus

Minor Mutations in Avian Flu Virus Increase Chances of Human Infection

The Accidental Author or the Price of Popularity

Scripps Research Holds 14th Commencement - The 2006 commencement celebrated 31 graduating students and two honorary degree recipients—Judge Alice Sullivan, retiring chair of the Scripps Research Board of Trustees, and Alexander Dreyfoos, member of the Board of Trustees.

The Graduating Students