Vol 6. Issue 15 / May 1, 2006

Scientists Develop Improved Medium for Stem Cell Growth and Differentiation - "Our chemically defined medium provides a basis for further simplifying culture requirements and [for]... the development of practical applications of human embryonic stem cells," says Scripps Research investigator Sheng Ding.

Structure Yields Insights into Werner's Syndrome, Aging, and Cancer - A team from Scripps Research and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has determined the crystal structure and molecular mechanisms of a key part of WRN, a protein that protects humans from premature aging and cancer. See the Berkeley Lab report.

Marcia McRae - Meet Marcia McRae, new administrative manager for the Molecular and Integrative Neurosciences (MIND) Department.

Dale Boger Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Peter Vanderklish Honored at Fragile X Awareness Day

Lack of a Key Enzyme Dramatically Increases Resistance to Sepsis

Simple Tools for Complex Problems

Free Range Problem-Solving

New Class of Enzyme Inhibitors Blocks Replication of SARS Virus

Minor Mutations in Avian Flu Virus Increase Chances of Human Infection

The Accidental Author or the Price of Popularity

View from a Zeppelin: Interview with George Koob

A Passion for Science

Immune Response to HIV in the Brain a "Double-Edged Sword" - A new study from the Fox lab describes the molecular basis of neuroAIDS.