Vol 6. Issue 10 / March 20, 2006

Newly Discovered Small Molecules "Superactivate" Botox - Findings from the Janda lab could increase a popular compound's therapeutic use and effectiveness.

Four Institutions Announce Stem Cell Research Alliance - Scripps Research joins with Burnham, Salk, and UCSD to plan a new entity—the San Diego Consortium for Regenerative Medicine.



The Accidental Author or the Price of Popularity

View from a Zeppelin: Interview with George Koob

A Passion for Science

Bacillus anthracis: One Bad Bug

Scientists Re-engineer a Well-Known Antibiotic to Counter Drug Resistance

Protein Found to Control Tumor Growth in Certain Breast Cancers

Revealing the Cell Cycle's Secrets

Minor Mutations in Avian Flu Virus Increase Chances of Human Infection - A new study shows that few adaptations are needed to transform one strain of the bird flu into a potential pandemic virus.