Vol 6. Issue 9 / March 13, 2006

Novel Method Reveals How Menthol Creates Cold Sensations - A discovery from the Patapoutian lab could point toward new or improved pain therapies.

New Service Offers Molecular Models a.k.a. "Thinking Tools" - BioMedical Graphics and the laboratory of Professor Art Olson have teamed up to offer the Scripps Research community a new service that produces solid, three-dimensional molecular models that can be touched, twisted, turned, taught, and pondered.



View from a Zeppelin: Interview with George Koob

A Passion for Science

Bacillus anthracis: One Bad Bug

Scientists Re-engineer a Well-Known Antibiotic to Counter Drug Resistance

Protein Found to Control Tumor Growth in Certain Breast Cancers

Revealing the Cell Cycle's Secrets

Study Reveals Unusual Structure of Cellular Transport Nanocage

The Accidental Author or the Price of Popularity - The book Drug Discovery: From Bedside to Wall Street reflects Tamas Bartfai's unusual perspective as both an eminent neuroscientist and a former high-level executive in the pharmaceutical industry.