Vol 6. Issue 7 / February 27, 2006

New Research Gives Scientists Powerful Tool For Drug Discovery - The first published paper to result from a partnership between Scripps Research and a Florida university presents a robust new system for analyzing how drugs bind to proteins.

Marisela Chevez - Meet Marisela Chevez, new coordinator of Scripps California's Educational Outreach Program.

New Study Shows Antibody-Interleukin Complexes Stimulate Immune Responses

Steve Mayfield Promoted to Full Professor


Bacillus anthracis: One Bad Bug

Scientists Re-engineer a Well-Known Antibiotic to Counter Drug Resistance

Protein Found to Control Tumor Growth in Certain Breast Cancers

Revealing the Cell Cycle's Secrets

Study Reveals Unusual Structure of Cellular Transport Nanocage

New Technology Effectively Gauges Specificity of Influenza Strains, Including 1918 Spanish Flu

Research Suggests New Approaches to Atherosclerosis

A Passion for Science - As this year's prospective students begin visiting the Scripps Research Kellogg School of Science and Technology, News&Views catches up with Liz Wilson-Kubalek, class of 2005, who has forged an unusual career path in science.