Vol 6. Issue 5 / February 13, 2006

High Resolution "Snapshots" Detail Dynamics of a Cocaine Antibody - The research, led by Professors Ian Wilson and Kim Janda, may spur new therapeutic approaches to addiction and abuse.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bleach But Were Afraid to Ask - Facts about bleach that may surprise you.


Protein Found to Control Tumor Growth in Certain Breast Cancers

Revealing the Cell Cycle's Secrets

Study Reveals Unusual Structure of Cellular Transport Nanocage

New Technology Effectively Gauges Specificity of Influenza Strains, Including 1918 Spanish Flu

Research Suggests New Approaches to Atherosclerosis

Scientists Discover Small Molecule That Generates Neurons from Adult Stem Cells

"Unprecedented" Functional Amyloid Found to Play Beneficial Role In Human Cells

Reports from the Scripps/Oxford Conference

Scientists Re-engineer a Well-Known Antibiotic to Counter Drug Resistance - A new molecule from the Boger lab could help in treating hospital infections.