Vol 3. Issue 29 / October 4, 2004

Renowned Chemist Joins Scripps Florida - William R. Roush has been named professor of chemistry, executive director of medicinal chemistry, and associate dean of Florida graduate programs.

Jay Rindler - Meet Scripps Research Security Guard Jay Rindler, who has welcomed home thousands of returning military personnel in his spare time.



A New Wrinkle in Methamphetamine Abuse: Immune Tolerance

Stem Cell Therapy Holds Promise for People with Untreatable Blindness

Mechanical Biology: Research on the Leading Edge

New "Clock Gene" Uncovered

Scripps Florida Introduces Innovative Programs and Recruits World-Class Scientists

Inflammation and the Brain

A Mystery Solved

In Memoriam:
Bernard M. Babior, 1935-2004

What Journalists Want

NIH Awards $14.5 Million, Five-Year Grant to Scripps Research - The new NIH grant funds work at Scripps Research that will enable structural biology research on membrane proteins, an area of research that has enormous medical potential.