Vol 3. Issue 26 / September 13, 2004

Scripps Research Launches New Web Site - The new site offers a contemporary design, increased ease of navigation, and more complete descriptions of Scripps Research faculty and support services.

A Time-Honored Chemical Reaction Generates an Unexpected Product - Professor Paul Wentworth, Jr. and his colleagues are suggesting a new reason why ozone and hydrogen peroxide make such a potent brew.

Nicolaou Wins Arthur C. Cope Award

Wong Recognized for Creative Work in Organic Chemistry

Cravatt Wins Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award

Yates Awarded Biemann Medal


New "Clock Gene" Uncovered

Scripps Florida Introduces Innovative Programs and Recruits World-Class Scientists

Inflammation and the Brain

A Mystery Solved

In Memoriam:
Bernard M. Babior, 1935-2004

What Journalists Want

Turning a PAGE on Protein Dynamics

Screen Yields Small Molecules that Target SARS Virus

Mechanical Biology: Research on the Leading Edge - In an article appearing in this week's issue of the journal Science, Gaudenz Danuser and Clare Waterman-Storer describe a new way of analyzing of how cell movement occurs and the startling results this shows.