Karen Trapane

Title: Senior Safety Consultant, Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

Duties: Serving as a consultant on safety issues for TSRI service departments, including Animal Resources, Environmental Services, Glasswashing, and Engineering. This involves working with employees on topics ranging from ergonomics to fire safety, documenting her recommendations through consultation reports, keeping up-to-date on current environmental health and safety rules and regulations, and developing employee training programs to heighten safety awareness.

Favorite Parts of Job: "I love the people. I like not being tied to my desk. I enjoy learning what others do for a living."

Biggest Challenge: "Keeping employees up to speed on safety issues—the rules change constantly and the people change constantly. But one-by-one we'll try to get to everyone."

Background: Masters degree in health sciences from Florida State University. Work experience in corporate wellness, focusing on human behavior and illness prevention. Transitioned into the safety field, which she has been in for the last nine years, via an interest in ergonomics.

Safety Advice: Be aware: pay attention to what kind of personal protective equipment you are using and what is appropriate for maximum protection. Focus on the best way to do your everyday—or unusual—tasks. Use your safety consultant to find out the most appropriate and safe way to do the job. "Ask questions! That's what I'm here for."

Extracurriculars: Lead singer in the seven-member band Plato Soul (www.platosoul.com), recently featured on AM talk radio's Phil Hendrie Show. The band—whose repertoire includes songs from the 60s and 70s, in addition to original music—plays at clubs and private functions (parties, weddings, receptions). Upcoming gigs include a show at Fat Katz in Encinitas October 11 and 12. "We all have other jobs. That keeps making music fun."

Trapane also makes time for her family, which includes a son, 10, and daughter, 6.





By day: Karen Trapane, TSRI safety consultant.


By night: "KT," lead singer for band Plato Soul.