Making the Most of Lymphopenia: Study at TSRI Suggests Powerful New Way to Treat Cancer
A study undertaken by investigators at TSRI suggests a new, potentially more effective way to battle cancer—hit the immune system with cancer vaccines or cancer cells when it's down and it will bounce back swinging harder than ever against those cancer cells.

Burton Leads AIDS Vaccine Initiative
TSRI Professor Dennis Burton will lead a new consortium of HIV/AIDS laboratories, brought together by the nonprofit International AIDS Vaccine Initiative to speed the discovery of a vaccine to prevent AIDS.

TSRI Scientists Receive Seed Funding for Breast Cancer Research
TSRI investigators Flavio Grynszpan and Vito Quaranta were awarded seed funding from the California Breast Cancer Research Program for design of breast cancer drugs. The award is part of a pool of money from the tobacco settlement earmarked for breast cancer and set aside to fund innovative research that has the potential to have a high impact.

University of Athens Awards Theofilopoulos Honorary Degree
TSRI Professor Argyrios Theofilopoulos has received an honorary doctorate in medicine from the University of Athens in Greece.

Teacher Becomes Pupil for the Summer
High school teacher Paul Messier, 2002 Diekman Fellow, says his summer internship at TSRI is intense, international, and exactly how he should be spending his summer break.

The Genetic ID of Lupus

TSRI investigators Argyrios Theofilopoulos and Dwight Kono are trying to elucidate the causes of lupus, a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune disease, and find possible targets for intervention.