The Graduating Students

The 21 individuals who are graduating from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) this week are listed below, with the names of their advisors and thesis titles.


Phillippe S. Baran

Total Synthesis of the CP-Molecules and the Bissorbicillinoids: How Endeavors in Total Synthesis Lead to the Invention, Discovery, and Development of New Synthetic Reactions, Technologies, and Concepts in Organic Chemistry

Advisor: K. C. Nicolaou, professor and chairman, Department of Chemistry

Zachary Quinn Beck

HIV-1 and FIV Protease Substrate and Inhibitor Specificities

Advisor: John H. Elder, professor, Department of Molecular Biology

Michael J. Churchill

Sequence Specific Determinants of Antiparallel Coiled Coils Studied Through Chemoselective Ligation and Phase Display

Advisor: M. Reza Ghadiri, professor, Departments of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

Douglas S. Daniels

Structural Studies of the Human DNA Repair Protein O6-Alkylguanine-DNA Alkyltransferase

Advisor: John A. Tainer, professor, Department of Molecular Biology



Zachary Paul Demko

Expedient Syntheses of Tetrazoles via [2 + 3] Dipolar Cycloaddition

Advisor: K. Barry Sharpless, professor, Department of Chemistry


Brian N. Dominy

Theoretical Studies on the Role of Electrostatics in Protein Fold Specificity and Stability

Advisor: Charles L. Brooks, III, professor, Department of Molecular Biology

Micah David Gearhart

Zinc Finger Interactions with Nucleic Acids:
I. Mechanism of Monomeric DNA Binding by the Orphan Nuclear Receptor hERR2
II. TFIIIA and p43 Interactions with 5S RNA

Advisor: Peter E. Wright, professor and chair, Department of Molecular Biology

Heidi A. Giesing

Cowpea Mosaic Virus: Capsid Protein Assembly and Structure Based Design of Chimeric Viruses

Advisor: John E. Johnson, professor, Department of Molecular Biology

Jiyong Hong

Application of Inverse Electron Demand Diels-Alder Reactions in Total Syntheses of Nothapodytine B, (-)-Mappicine, Phomazarin, and ent-(-)-Roseophilin

Advisor: Dale L. Boger, professor, Department of Chemistry

Robert Owen Hughes

Strategies for the Rapid Discovery of Antibacterial Agents: Studies on Vancomycin and Psammaplin A

Advisor: K. C. Nicolaou, professor and chair, Department of Chemistry

Junjie Liu

Part I—Hexosaminidase Inhibitors as New Drug Candidates for the Therapy of Osteoarthritis
Part II—DERA-Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis of Novel Pyranose Synthons as a New Entry to Heterocycles and Epothilones

Advisor: Chi-Huey Wong, professor, Department of Chemistry


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"I will always remember Scripps as an oasis for study, adventure, and discovery in organic chemistry."

Phillippe S. Baran








"TSRI provides an ideal environment for students: A chance to work with world-class researchers and facilities in the laboratory, tremendous colleagues, and support within the institution, and an administration truly dedicated to their education and well-being."

Michael J. Churchill








"The research and educational opportunities at TSRI are outstanding. I feel fortunate to have begun my scientific career in such an innovative and exhilarating environment."

Micah David Gearhart









"I learned so much more in the graduate program than I ever imagined... about science, about people, about life."

Heidi A. Giesing








"Scripps is a perfect and unique place for a Ph.D. student."

Jiyong Hong









"The TSRI graduate program allows students to work at the cutting edge of research in a collaborative and intense environment."

Robert Owen Hughes