Where Are They Now?
Alumnus Jay Chiang

Graduating Class: '00

Lab at TSRI: Professor K. Barry Sharpless's lab.

Dissertation Title: "Applications of Automation to Reaction Optimization and Library Synthesis"

Experience at TSRI: "I was a non-traditional student [in that I never considered an academic career]. My interests were always in industry. I actually hadn't planned on getting my Ph.D. until Barry Sharpless recruited me. I set up an automated system in his lab and researched applications for automated catalyst screening and library synthesis. Now I've graduated, the Ph.D. is helpful and I'm glad I was exposed to the academic side. I also learned some biology."

Undergraduate Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Industry Experience: Positions with start-up companies Arqule (1994-96) and Coelacanth (2000-01).

Current Position: Associate director of automated chemistry for Senomyx, a taste and smell company. "What I'm doing now is an extension of what I was doing at Scripps. We're targeting taste and smell receptors with high-throughput screening for potentially novel taste and odorant compounds."

Reaction to Sharpless's 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: "I had hoped it would happen when I was there! But I did have the chance to celebrate with him after it happened..."

Plans for the Future: Entering the field of venture capital, in which start-up companies are evaluated for funding and given direction on how to succeed.

Extracurriculars: Recently became "golf-crazy." Also working on his surfing. "I've been told it's a travesty to live in Cardiff and not surf."

In the Family: Chiang's brother (and housemate), Kyle, is a first-year graduate student in TSRI investigator Ben Cravatt's lab.



TSRI alumnus Jay Chiang, who did his graduate work in Nobel laureate K. Barry Sharpless's lab, plans to enter the field of venture capital.