Beth Peterka

Title: Systems Administrator

Duties: Virus management, web page construction, Windows 2000 training, and PC troubleshooting. Trouble-shooting involves addressing a range of problems—from a mouse that won't work to a computer that won't boot.

Favorite Part of Job: "I love the variety. And you couldn't ask for a better group of people in the [Research Computing] department."

Challenges: "You can never know everything about a computer situation. Sometimes problems that at first appear to be simple escalate into something big."

Background: B.A. in literature, B.S. in cell biology, premed courses at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Finishing an M.S. in computer science, also at UCSD. "I was going to be a doctor, but after seeing what doctors do up close during a job at the UC Medical Center, I decided to go in a different direction. I'm a computer doctor now. It works for me."

Greatest Accomplishment: Finishing school. "I can go home and open up any book I want!"

Extracurriculars: Cooking (especially lasagna, rack of lamb, and "anything with chicken"), running competitively, softball as a member of the TSRI Softball League.




Beth Peterka loves the variety in her job as systems administrator. Photo by Mika Ono Benedyk.