Letter from Executive Vice President and General Counsel

The management and Board of Trustees at TSRI wish to acknowledge our shock and outrage at the events of this past Tuesday. The horrific scenes played out at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are far from the humanitarian and intellectual ideals that we try to embody in our work at the institute.

Many of us have personal and professional ties with individuals who live and work in New York City and in the Washington, D.C. area, and it is impossible for events like these not to impact our lives. Our sorrow for the friends and families of those who lost their lives on the morning of September 11, 2001 have deeply shaken us.

To honor those deceased, TSRI is flying its flags at half-mast. To provide support to members of the TSRI community, the institute will continue to offer free counseling services through its Employee and Graduate Student Counseling Department, x4-2950.

In coming to terms with this tragedy, we hope to find within us a renewed determination to live with compassion, respect, and commitment to our shared humanity.

There are a number of steps that you can take to respond to this national tragedy. A list of resources follows:

1) Those interested in giving blood should call the American Red Cross blood donation hotline, 1-800-GIVE LIFE. The American Red Cross can accept cash donations through 1-800-HELP NOW;

2) The United Way is accepting donations to its September 11th fund:

3) The Salvation Army is accepting financial contributions through 1-800-SALARMY;

4) FEMA's complete recommendations for donations are as posted on its web site:

5) Airline response numbers are as follows: American's response number, 1-800-245-0999; United's response number, 1-800-932-8555;

6) The following is information from the Pentagon. Family members may contact armed service representatives: Army, 1-800-984-8523 or 703-428-0002; Navy and Marine Corps, 1-877-663-6772; and Air Force, 1-800-253-9276. Navy and Marine Corps personnel assigned to the Pentagon are also requested to call 1-877-663-6772 for accountability purposes;

7) U.S. Justice Department's Family Assistance Center Victims hotline is: 1-800-331-0075;

8) The UC Berkeley web site for checking on the safety of people in NYC and Washington, D.C. is: http://safe.millennium.berkeley.edu/;

And finally,

9) Anyone with information about Tuesday's terrorist attacks are being asked to contact the FBI at 1-866-483-5137.


Douglas A. Bingham, Esq.
Executive Vice President and General Counsel