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Scientific Report 2008

Scripps Florida

Molecular Therapeutics

Department Overview


Patrick Griffin, Ph.D.
Professor and Chairman
Director, Translational Research Institute

Jennifer Caldwell-Busby, Ph.D.*
Assistant Professor

Gregg Fields, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor

Paul J. Kenny, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Philip LoGrasso, Ph.D.*
Associate Professor

Mathew T. Pletcher, Ph.D.**
Assistant Professor

Senior Scientists

Scott Busby, Ph.D.

Michael Chalmers, Ph.D.

Staff Scientists

Lisa Cherry, Ph.D.

Kristie Rose, Ph.D.

Research Associates

Brian Ember, Ph.D.

Christie Fowler, Ph.D.

Kevin Hayes, Ph.D.

Jonathan Hollander, Ph.D.

Monica Istrate, Ph.D.

Brook Miller, Ph.D.

Jun Zhang, Ph.D.

* Joint appointment in the Translational Research Institute

** Joint appointments in the Department of Biochemistry and the Translational Research Institute


Identification of posttranslational modifications on peptides by using high-resolution mass spectrometry and MS3 scanning for absolute assignment of site of modification. Work done in the laboratory of Jennifer Caldwell Busby, Ph.D., assistant professor.

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