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Scientific Report 2008

On the cover: Key to cover artwork:
The human immune system at work. T cells, B cells, macrophages, neutrophils, basophils, and dendritic cells are battling invading bacteria (orange circles and dark blue rods). Upper right, Antigens of extracellular origin are presented on MHC class II molecules to CD4+ T cells. Lower right, cells display antigen of intracellular origin on MHC I molecules to CD8+ T cells. These antigens are cleaved by proteasomes and are transported across the membrane of the endoplasmic reticulum by the protein TAP (transporter associated with antigen processing). Antibody neutralization, opsonization, and apoptosis are additionally visible. Artwork by Katie Bauer, research technician in the laboratory of Michael Zwick, Ph.D., assistant professor, Department of Immunology and Microbial Science.


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