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Scientific Report 2008


Total Synthesis, New Synthetic Technologies, and Chemical Biology

K.C. Nicolaou, A. Agua, R. Aversa, W. Brenzovich, A. Burtoloso, J. Chen, K. Cole, S. Dalby, R. Denton, D. Edmonds, S. Ellery, A. Estrada, B. Fraga, M. Frederick, M. Freestone, C. Gelin, J. Goodwin-Tindall, M. Hesse, P. Huang, V. Jeso, M. Kar, A. Krasovskiy, A. Lemire, A. Li, H. Li, Y. Lim, T. Lister, N. Mainolfi, U. Majumder, C. Mathison, A. Morgan, A. Nold, A. Ortiz, N. Patil, B. Pratt, R. Reingruber, F. Rivas, A. Sanchez Ruiz, D. Sarlah, D. Shaw, A. Stepan, A. Talbot, Y. Tang, V. Trepanier, G. Tria, T. Umezawa, J. Wang, T. Wu, W. Zhan, H. Zhang

We focus on the total synthesis of natural products, the discovery and development of new synthetic technologies, and chemical biology. Naturally occurring substances are selected as synthetic targets for their novel molecular architectures, important biological properties, and interesting mechanisms of action. The projects are designed to optimize the opportunities for discovery and invention in the areas of chemistry, biology, and medicine. The natural products thiostrepton, azaspiracid-1—azaspiracid-3, abyssomycin C, the bisanthraquinones and the marinomycins exemplify this philosophy. Current projects include studies on the antibiotics nocathiacin I, platensimycin, and platencin; the antitumor agents lomaiviticins A and B and uncialamycin; the anti-HIV agent biyouyanagin A; and the marine biotoxin maitotoxin (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Selected target molecules.

In addition, we are developing synthetic technologies and strategies for chemical synthesis and chemical biology studies. Our overall aims are to advance the art and science of chemical synthesis and to develop enabling technologies for biology and medicine while maximizing educational opportunities and training of young men and women in chemistry.


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K.C. Nicolaou, Ph.D.
Chairman and Professor

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