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Scientific Report 2008

Scripps Florida

Cancer Biology

Chairman's Overview


John L. Cleveland, Ph.D.
Professor and Chairman

Howard Petrie, Ph.D.

Tina Izard, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Nagi G. Ayad, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Philippe R.J. Bois, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Michael Conkright, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Jun-Li Luo, Ph.D., MD
Assistant Professor

Kendall Nettles, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Scientific Associate

Chunying Yang, M.D.

Staff Scientists

Joanne R. Doherty, Ph.D.
Ihn Kyung Jang, Ph.D.
HaJeung Park, Ph.D.
Meredith A. Steeves, Ph.D.
Weilin Wu, Ph.D.

Research Associates

Antonio Amelio, Ph.D.
Mi Ra Chang, Ph.D.
Frank C. Dorsey, Ph.D.
Rangarajan Erumbi, Ph.D.
Irina Getun, Ph.D.
German Gil, Ph.D.
Ann Griffith, Ph.D.
Mark A. Hall, Ph.D.
Jun Hyuck Lee, Ph.D.
Woonghee Lee, Ph.D.
Hiroshi Nakase, Ph.D.
Robert J. Rounbehler, Ph.D.
Jianjun Shi, Ph.D.
Zhen Wu, Ph.D.
Bhargavakrishna Yekkala, Ph.D.
Sollepura Yogesha, Ph.D.


Aberrant cell division in a precancerous cell: Shown is a differential interference contrast image of an early-passage p53-null mouse embryo fibroblast. Note that the chromosomes in the cell are being pulled in 3 directions. Daughter cells that arise are aneuploid and/or polyploid. Work done by Frank C. Dorsey, Ph.D., research associate, in the laboratory of John L. Cleveland, Ph.D., professor.

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