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Scientific Report 2007

On the cover: Section of a normal mouse knee joint. At the center is the joint space with the wedge-shaped menisci. The layers of deep-red tissue on either side of the joint space are the joint cartilage on the tibial plateau (lower) and the femoral condyle (upper). Cartilage is responsible for absorbing mechanical stress and for providing a surface for frictionless joint movement. Aging-associated changes and degradation of the articular cartilage lead to the development of osteoarthritis, the most common joint disease. Tissue sections prepared and provided by Lilo Creighton, research assistant, and Martin Lotz, Ph.D., professor, Division of Arthritis Research, Department of Molecular and Experimental Medicine. Digital photomicrograph created by Bob Turner, director, BioMedical Graphics, Scripps Research, using bright-field illumination and a didinium enhancement filter. The image was awarded a Citation of Merit, BioImages 2007, by the BioCommunications Association.


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