Louis Scampavia, PhD

Scientific Director, Sr
Department of Molecular Medicine
Florida Campus


Research Focus

Progress in drug discovery is often coupled to parallel advancements in instrument technology. In our department, High Throughput Screening (HTS) robotics is employed to accelerate the drug discovery process thorough full automation of large scale screening experiments. HTS technology can be used to execute and analyze hundreds of thousand of experiments against large compound libraries to identify a few select compounds of therapeutic value. These "therapeutic leads" provide important insight and basis for the medicinal development of novel drugs for clinical application.

 Research efforts are currently focused on:

  • Working with collaborators to develop biological assays for HTS compatibility.
  • Performing exploratory HTS campaigns for drug lead discovery.
  • Research and development of novel instruments and technologies for the advancement of HTS robotics.

Collaborative efforts are coordinated with a large community of scientists and include TSRI faculty, Florida researchers, and scientists funded through the National Institutes of Health sponsored Molecular Library Screening Center Network program (http://nihroadmap.nih.gov/).


Ph.D. (Chemistry), 1996
B.S. (Chemistry), 1991
B.S. (Genetics), University of California, Berkeley, 1979

Professional Experience

2007-2017 Associate Professor (Joint Appointment), Molecular Therapeutics, Scripps Research
2001-2005 CEO, SiChrom Inc.
2001-2005 Principal Investigator, SiChrom Inc.

Selected References

All Publications

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