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Letter from the TSRI VP for Academic Affairs

Letter from James Williamson, VP for Academic Affairs, in support of the Anonymous Hotline

Since 2003, TSRI has utilized an anonymous reporting system for its employees. This system allows an employee to file an anonymous and confidential report to an independent party, EthicsPoint®, a company that provides a toll-free telephone hotline service. A compliance specialist operator is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take a report.

Reports using this hotline service are limited to matters involving TSRI personnel and property relating to the following violation categories: accounting and auditing matters; bribery; conflicts of interest; diverting of products or business opportunities; embezzlement; falsification of contracts, reports or records; fraud; improper giving or receiving of gifts; improper lobbying or political contribution; improper supplier or contractor activity; insider trading; misuse of TSRI resources; research misconduct; and theft.

Details of the anonymous reporting system, instructions on how to file a report, and resource material are provided on this web site.

The anonymous reporting system provided for TSRI employees is not to be used for other matters such as grievances, discrimination, privacy violations, unsafe working conditions, or substance abuse. You may talk to your supervisor, department chair, Human Resources Department personnel, or other relevant TSRI party, regarding any matter that is not specifically covered by the violate categories available for anonymous reporting.