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Raymond Stevens, Ph.D.

Professor Adjunct
Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology
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Research Focus

Structural Neurobiology

Although we have developed high-throughput methods to accelerate the determination of protein structures, our primary interest is applying these tools to study the chemistry and biology of neurotransmission and of diseases that affect neurobiology. Our goals are to understand how neuronal cells function on a molecular level and, on the basis of that understanding, create new molecules and materials that mimic neuronal signal transduction and recognition.  To date, we have used our basic science knowledge to help and develop a number of therapeutic molecules now on the market or in clinical development.

G-protein coupled receptors

During the past 3 years we have solved the structures of 4 different GPCR’s - adrenaline receptor (b2 adrenergic receptor), caffeine receptor (A2a adenosine receptor), CXCR4 chemokine receptor, and the D3 dopamine receptor.  With a process now in place to understand GPCR structure, we are expanding our scope to understand the mechanism of signal transduction and function of this important protein family through the creation of the GPCR Network (  Efforts to develop next generation therapeutics to GPCR’s are in progress in parallel to the basic science questions being pursued.


B.A., Chemistry, University of Southern Maine, 1986
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Southern California, 1988

Professional Experience

1989-1992 NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, Chemistry Department, Harvard University. Postdoctoral Advisor: Professor William N. Lipscomb. 1992-2000 Professor of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley; 2000-present, Professor of Molecular Biology and Chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute; Founder of 4 NIH centers and 3 biotechnology companies.

Awards & Professional Activities

Sidhu Award from Pittsburgh Diffraction Society, 1992; National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award, 1994; Beckman Foundation, Young Investigator Award, 1994; Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Outstanding Performance Award, 1995 Society of Bioinorganic Chemistry Award, "Metals in Biology" Gordon Conference, 1997; Jouan Robotics Award 2003; Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Southern California, 2005. Founding Scientist Syrrx, Inc. (1999) and MemRx Corporation (2003), acquired by Chiron Corporation. Member, Editorial Boards: Protein Expression and Purification, 2001-present; Biodrugs, 2001-present; Drug Discovery Today, 2002-present; The Protein Journal, 2004-present.

Selected References

All Publications

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