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Pietro Sanna, M.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Immunology and Microbiology
California Campus
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(858) 784-7180


Istituto De Merode, Il Collegio San Giuseppe (College of St. Joseph, Rome)
M.D., Universitá Cattolica (Roma)

Professional Experience

2013-2017 Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience (MCN), The Scripps Research Institute
1987-2012 Associate Professor, Molecular and Integrative Neurosciences (MIND), The Scripps Research Institute

Selected References

All Publications

Sanna, P. P., Repunte-Canonigo, V., Masliah, E. & Lefebvre, C. Gene expression patterns associated with neurological disease in human HIV infection. (2017). PLoS One, 12. PMCID: PMC5405951.

Chen, J., Kawamura, T., Sethi, M. K., Zaia, J., Repunte-Canonigo, V. & Sanna, P. P. Heparan sulfate: resilience factor and therapeutic target for cocaine abuse. (2017). Scientific Reports, 7. PMCID: PMC5654972.

Boland, M. J., Nazor, K. L., Tran, H. T., Szucs, A., Lynch, C. L., Paredes, R., Tassone, F., Sanna, P. P., Hagerman, R. J. & Loring, J. F. Molecular analyses of neurogenic defects in a human pluripotent stem cell model of fragile X syndrome. (2017). Brain, 140, 582.

Francesconi, W., Szucs, A., Berton, F., Koob, G. F., Vendruscolo, L. F. & Sanna, P. P. Opiate dependence induces cell type-specific plasticity of intrinsic membrane properties in the rat juxtacapsular bed nucleus of stria terminalis (jcBNST). (2017). Psychopharmacology, 234(23-24), 3485-3498.

Wang, M., Li, D., Yun, D., Zhuang, Y., Repunte-Canonigo, V., Sanna, P. P. & Behnisch, T. Translation of BDNF-gene transcripts with short 3 ' UTR in hippocampal CA1 neurons improves memory formation and enhances synaptic plasticity-relevant signaling pathways. (2017). Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 138, 121.

Sanna, P. P., Kawamura, T., Chen, J., Koob, G. F., Roberts, A. J., Vendruscolo, L. F. & Repunte-Canonigo, V. 11╬▓-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibition as a new potential therapeutic target for alcohol abuse. (2016). Translational Psychiatry, 6. PMCID: PMC4872439.

Farris, S. P., Pietrzykowski, A. Z., Miles, M. F., O'Brien, M. A., Sanna, P. P., Zakhari, S., Mayfield, R. D. & Harris, R. A. Applying the new genomics to alcohol dependence. (2015). Alcohol, 49(8), 825-836. PMCID: PMC4586299.

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Repunte-Canonigo, V., Herman, M. A., Kawamura, T., Kranzler, H. R., Sherva, R., Gelernter, J., Farrer, L. A., Roberto, M. & Sanna, P. P. Nf1 regulates alcohol dependence-associated excessive drinking and gamma-aminobutyric acid release in the central amygdala in mice and is associated with alcohol dependence in humans. (2015). Biological Psychiatry, 77(10), 870-879. PMCID: PMC4428692.

Blanchard, J. W., Eade, K. T., Szucs, A., Lo Sardo, V., Tsunemoto, R. K., Williams, D., Sanna, P. P. & Baldwin, K. K. Selective conversion of fibroblasts into peripheral sensory neurons. (2015). Nature Neuroscience, 18(1), 25-35. PMCID: PMC4466122.