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Department of Molecular Therapeutics
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Director, Translational Research Institute
Faculty, Graduate Program

Research Focus

Group Members: R. D. Garcia-Ordonez, D. Marciano, G. West, D. Goswami, D. Kuruvilla, S. Novick, B. Pascal, M. Chang, A. Corzo, Vinh Lam, Venkat Dharmarajan, Yelenis Mari, Tanya Khan, Rebecca Leon (former members of the lab: M.J. Chalmers, N. Kumar, J. Lauer, S.A. Busby, R. Landgraf, S. Willis, M. Istrate, D. Policastro, C. Griffin, E. Tracy, J. Zhang, X. Zhang, S. Dai, S. Prasad).

Structural and Chemical Biology of Enzymes and Receptors Involved in Cancer, Metabolic Disease, and Autoimmune Disorders
Our group combines chemical, cellular, and structural biology to study mechanism and structure-function of enzymes and receptors; particularly kinases (i.e, AMP Kinase), G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and nuclear receptors (NRs). During the past few years we have focused on developing hydrogen/deuterium exchange (HDX) technology for probing the mechanism of activation of intact nuclear receptor complexes. Specifically we have used HDX, chemical libraries and cell-based assays to better understand ligand activation and co-receptor/co-factor interaction within the vitamin D receptor (VDR) and the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARG) complex. We have applied HDX and chemical approaches to the study of the orphan nuclear receptors LRH-1 and RORA/RORB/RORG. These receptors have been implicated in cancer, metabolic and immune disorders.

Mechanistic studies of ligand activation of Nuclear Receptors
HDX was applied to the characterization of ligand activation of the vitamin D receptor (VDR) in complex with its co-receptor retinoid X receptor (RXR) and probed the dynamics of the functional domains of both VDR and RXR as a function of ligand and DNA interaction. As shown in our 2011 paper in NSMB, these data demonstrate the role of DNA interaction in the functional state of the VDR/RXR heterodimer complex by directly controlling conformational mobility of surfaces of the receptor complex that interact with NR co-factors. Currently HDX is being used to guide lead optimization and SAR of selective VDR modulators (VDRMs).

Probing ligand interaction with GPCRs
GPCRs are an important family of trans-membrane signaling proteins and are therapeutic targets in many disorders. The characterization of the structure and conformational dynamics of these receptors present a considerable analytical challenge due to the hydrophobic nature of their transmembrane domains. Recently we have used HDX to probe ligand interactions with the beta-2 adrenergic receptor.

Structural and Chemical Biology of the orphan nuclear receptor LRH-1
Our laboratory has taken a multi-pronged approach to understanding the biology of the orphan nuclear receptor LRH-1 (liver receptor homolog-1). Modulation of LRH-1 activity has been implicated in cancer, cholesterol homeostasis, and in intestinal inflammation. We have developed several HTS assays to facilitate screening for small molecules that positively modulate (agonize) or negatively modulate (inverse agonize) the activity of the receptor. More importantly, we have developed several functional assays to better understand the potential utility of small molecule modulators of LRH-1 for treatment of cancer, inflammation and metabolic disorders. We have discovered synthetic modulators of LRH-1 that demonstrate a range of activities in various cancer cell lines as well as models of inflammation. Several manuscripts are in preparation describing these studies.

Novel modulators of RORα
Using a unique human nuclear receptor library we have discovered novel modulators of RORα. HDX is being employed for mechanism of action studies and to guide SAR. Read our recent articles in Molecular Pharmacology, JBC, and ACS Chemical Biology and Nature on synthetic and natural ligands for the RORs. We have a paper under submission on the effects of SR2211 in rheumatoid arthritis.


B.S., Chemistry, Syracuse University, 1985
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Virginia, 1989

Professional Experience

Professor and Chair, Molecular Therapeutics, 03/07 to present
Director, Translational Research Institute, 06/06 to present
Co-founder, Ember Therapeutics, 08/10
Member of Scripps Florida Steering Committee, 01/07 to present
Member of Pfizer/TSRI Joint Steering Committee, 01/07 to 12/11
Member, Board of Directors, Centre for Drug Research and Development, 08/09 to present
Member, Scientific Advisory Board, ExSAR Corp, NJ, 2004 – present
Professor Biochemistry, Scripps Florida, 05/04 - 3/07
Chief Scientific Officer, ExSAR Corporation, 07/02 - 05/04
Senior Director, Basic Chemistry and Molecular Profiling Proteomics, Merck, 09/01 - 06/02
Director, Basic Chemistry and Molecular Profiling Proteomics, Merck, 05/99 – 09/01
Senior Research Fellow, Molecular Design and Diversity, Merck, 04/96 – 05/99
Research Fellow, Inflammation Research, Merck, 12/91-04/96
Post-Doctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology 5/90 - 12/91
Associate Scientist, Genentech, Inc. 4/89 - 4/90

Awards & Professional Activities

Dupont Chemistry Fellow, University of Virginia
Dean's Fellow, University of Virginia

Selected References

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