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Bryan Briney, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Ims
Department of Immunology and Microbiology
California Campus
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(858) 784-2902


Ph.D. (Microbiology and Immunology), Vanderbilt University 2012
B.S. (Biochemistry and Cell Biology), University of California, San Diego 2007

Professional Experience

2015-2017 Assistant Professor of IMS, Immunology and Microbial Science (IMS), The Scripps Research Institute
2012-2015 Postdoctoral Fellow, The Scripps Research Institute

Selected References

All Publications

Havenar-Daughton, C., Carnathan, D. G., Torrents de la Peña, A., Pauthner, M., Briney, B., Reiss, S. M., Wood, J. S., Kaushik, K., van Gils, M. J., Rosales, S. L., van der Woude, P., Locci, M., et al. Direct probing of germinal center responses reveals immunological features and bottlenecks for neutralizing antibody responses to HIV Env trimer. (2016). Cell Reports, 17(9), 2195-2209. PMCID: PMC5142765.

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Briney, B. S., Willis, J. R., Finn, J. A., McKinney, B. A. & Crowe Jr., J. E. Tissue-specific expressed antibody variable gene repertoires. (2014). PLoS One, 9, e100839. PMCID: PMC4067404.