Ian and Camille Thorpe

Positions: Graduate students in the Kellogg School of Science and Technology at The Scripps Research Institute.

Any Relation?: Brother and sister.

Year Ian Began Graduate Work: 1999

Year Camille Began Graduate Work: 2003

Why Camille Came to Scripps Research: "Ian told me it was a good place," says Camille.

Ian adds, "The institute offers a great environment for research. Scripps takes good care of its students and there is a tremendous amount of research and biotechnology in the San Diego area."

Research Interests: Ian is working with Professor Charles Brooks III in the field of theoretical and computational chemistry and biophysics. "We're looking at the enzyme dihydropholate reductase, figuring out how mutations away from the active site affect how the molecule works. I'm also working on a project that examines the link between binding and flexibility as an antibody evolves to increase its affinity for a ligand."

As a first-year student, Camille is completing rotations. "Ian gave me lots of good advice on which labs to work in," she says. "I am most interested in medical research using a variety of research tools."

Background: The Thorpes grew up in the small town of Mandeville, Jamaica, with a father in mechanical engineering, a mother in accounting, and a middle brother, who has pursued computer engineering. Both Ian and Camille came to the United States for college—Ian to the University of Miami, and Camille to the Florida Institute of Technology.

Similarities Between Ian and Camille: "We share values," says Ian, "and we share an interest in music, art, movies, and theater. Sometimes we usher together at La Jolla Playhouse so we can see the shows."

Differences: "Ian is more outgoing," notes Camille.

Rapport: So far the siblings have enjoyed each other's company in San Diego. "We live a block away from each other and we get together on weekends," says Ian. Can this bond survive as Ian teaches Camillle to drive?



Graduate students Ian and Camille Thorpe share an interest in science, music, and theater. Photo by Kevin Fung.