Naming Honors Money/Arenz Foundation

By Mika Ono

In recognition of the Money/Arenz Foundation's donation of $100,000 to The Scripps Research Institute, the west conference room of the Immunology Building has been renamed the "Money/Arenz Foundation Conference Room."

"We are very grateful for this generous contribution," says Scripps Research President Richard Lerner, "and for the support of our effort to purchase the Immunology Building, where our researchers are working to unlock the secrets of the human immune system."

Betty Anne Money Arenz and her daughter Julie Tifft of the Money/Arenz Foundation were on campus last Tuesday for a luncheon and tour of the refurbished conference room. Also in attendance was Tifft's son, Nolan.

"We are happy to be able to help," says Arenz.

Due to the terms of its original lease, Scripps Research has the one-time opportunity to purchase the Immunology Building for below market value. The Department of Immunology is the institute's oldest and largest department.

Those interested in making a donation to the institute should contact Denise Scalzo, The Scripps Research Institute Development Office, 10550 North Torrey Pines Road, TPC2, La Jolla, CA 92037, (800) 788-4931 or (858) 784-9367. More information is also available at the Development Office website.



Betty Anne Money Arenz (right), her daughter Julie Tifft, and grandson, Nolan, were on campus last Tuesday for a tour of the refurbished Immunology west conference room, which has been renamed the Money/Arenz Foundation Conference Room. Photo by Jason S. Bardi.