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TSRI Scientific Report 1998-1999

GroupImage Society of Fellows

The Society of Fellows had a spectacular 37th year as we continued our mission of enhancing the postdoctoral training at TSRI by promoting interactions between the Scripps postdoctoral fellows and the TSRI and greater scientific communities. A lecture series, 2 research symposia, and many social functions were sponsored by the Society this year.

The Society hosted a number of speakers as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series. Professor David Baltimore, Nobel laureate and president and professor of developmental biology and genetics at the California Institute of Technology, began the lectures with "Profile of a Transcription Factor: NF-kB." Visiting all the way from the University of Tromso, Norway, Professor Bjarne Osterud presented "Tissue Factor in Pathophysiology and the Regulation of Tissue Factor Expression in Whole Blood Monocytes" and described potential cures for heart disease. In January, Judah Folkman, professor of pediatric surgery, Children's Hospital, Boston, and professor of anatomy and cellular biology, Harvard Medical School, presented "New Directions in Angiogenesis Research." Professor Folkman also shared with postdoctoral fellows and students his mentoring philosophies, the value of perseverance, and fascinating insights from his experience with the media. Leroy Hood, chairman and Gates Professor of Molecular Biotechnology and Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle, presented a glimpse of the future of biotechnology in "Genomics, Proteomics, and Systems Biology." Finally, Professor Ian Clark-Lewis, from the Biomedical Research Center, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, presented a seminar titled "Chemokine Receptor Interactions: A Case of the Tail Wagging the Dog" that described the use of many techniques to answer an interesting biological question. The seminar series remains the highlight of our activities, and we look forward to continuing this successful program.

This past year was the second year for the Fall Research Symposium. The symposium was an all-day affair with sessions in chemistry, structural biology, immunology, and cell biology. Each session began with a presentation given by an invited speaker. After the keynote seminars, members of the Society had the opportunity to give a talk on their research and to compete for travel awards. Our invited speakers were Harry Gray and Stephen Mayo from the California Institute of Technology, Tony Hunter from The Salk Institute, and Erin O'Shea from the University of California, San Francisco. Travel awards, which help defray the cost of travel to a professional meeting, were presented to Claudia Steinem (chemistry), Bill Wikoff and Glen Legge (split award in structural biology), Dwayne Stupak (immunology), and David Segal (cell and molecular biology).

Another major event sponsored by the Society this spring was the 11th Annual Spring Research Symposium and Vendor Show. In this symposium, members of the Society were invited to present their work through posters and again compete for travel awards. Award winners were Richard Santucci (immunology); Ronald Brudler, David Hosfield, and Jacek Nowakowsi (molecular biology); and Jeff Redwine (neuropharmacology). Honorable mentions went to Daniel Trieber (molecular biology) and Jing Wei (chemistry). This year the vendor exposition was expanded; 88 chemical, biotechnical, and instrumentation companies displayed their latest scientific equipment and technology. Both the fall and the spring symposia were extremely successful events and will be continued in the coming years.

The Society also continued efforts to provide its members with opportunities for career development. We hosted 2 career speakers. Dr. William Schrader, Vice President of Endocrine Research, Ligand Pharmaceuticals, and former professor at the Baylor College of Medicine, presented "Job Selection Choices for Careers in Academics and Biotech: How to Choose the Type of Career That Is Right for You," and Dr. Peter Fiske, author of To Boldly Go: A Practical Career Guide for Scientists, presented a workshop with the same title. The workshop was jointly sponsored by the Society of Fellows, the Graduate Studies Program, and the Employee and Graduate Student Counseling Department. With BIOCOM/San Diego, a trade organization of local biotechnology companies, we also set up a poster session to give TSRI postdoctoral fellows and graduate students a chance to present their work to and meet scientists from the local biotechnology industry.

The Society sponsored 2 ski trips to the local mountains that were as popular as ever and monthly gatherings that everyone enjoyed.

The executive committee expresses its appreciation to Dr. William Beers and the office of the President for their enthusiastic support of the Society's activities.

Signe HolmbeckPresident
John LaityTreasurer
Dirk HomannSocial Chair
Colleen McKiernanVice-President, Cell Biology
Jing WeiVice-President, Chemistry
Olivia JinVice-President, Chemical Biology
Thorsten BergVice-President, Molecular and Experimental Medicine
Richard SantucciVice-President, Immunology, and Program Cochair
Patricia Fagan JonesVice-President, Molecular Biology
Bendahmane MohammedVice-President, Plant Biology
Ann StikoVice-President, Vascular Biology, and Program Cochair
Micah GearhartGraduate Student Representative
Jane LloydTechnical Staff Representative
Avi SpierProgram Chair Elect
Micheal BraceyVice-President Elect, Cell Biology
Matthias von HerrathHonorary Member



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