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Scientific Report 2006

Scripps Florida

Translational Research Institute

Department Overview


Patrick R. Griffin, Ph.D.*
Head, Drug Discovery

Jennifer C. Busby, Ph.D.
Associate Scientific Director, Protein Sciences and Proteomics

Michael Cameron, Ph.D.
Laboratory Head, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

Alessandra Cervino, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Yangbo Feng, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Medicinal Chemistry

Peter S. Hodder, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Lead Identification

Ted Kamenecka, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Medicinal Chemistry

Chris Liang, Ph.D.
Director, Medicinal Chemistry

Phillip LoGrasso, Ph.D.*
Director, Discovery Biology

Kendall W. Nettles, Ph.D.**
Discovery Biology

Mathew T. Pletcher, Ph.D.*
Genome Technologies

William R. Roush, Ph.D.***
Executive Director, Medicinal Chemistry,
Associate Dean, Kellogg School of Science and Technology, Florida

Layton H. Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Scientific Director, Discovery Biology

Nicholas F. Tsinoremas, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Informatics

Claes Wahlestedt, M.D., Ph.D.*
Director, CNS Disorders

Senior Scientists

Thomas D. Bannister, Ph.D.

Derek R. Duckett, Ph.D.

Marcel Koenig, Ph.D.

Louis D. Scampavia, Ph.D.

Senior Staff Scientists

Jiu-Xiang Ni, Ph.D.

Tomas Vojkovsky, Ph.D.

Staff Scientists

Scott A. Busby, Ph.D.

Patricia H. McDonald, Ph.D.

Thomas Schroeter, Ph.D.

Research Associates

Yen Ting Chen, Ph.D.

Julie Conkright, Ph.D.

Yuan Dai, Ph.D.

Chinh Dao, Ph.D.

Brian Ember, Ph.D.

Bozena Frackowiak, Ph.D.

Yuanjun He, Ph.D.

Jia Huang, Ph.D.

Rong Jiang, Ph.D.

Ahmad Khalil, Ph.D.

Magdalena Przydzial, Ph.D.

Michael Smolinski, Ph.D.

Jeremiah D. Tipton, Ph.D.

Scientific Associate

Dmitriy Minond, Ph.D.

Informatics Staff

Mohammad Fallahi-Sichani

Mark M. Gosink, Ph.D.

Christopher C. Mader

Bruce D. Pascal

Stephan Schuerer, Ph.D.

Mark R. Southern

* Joint appointment in the Department of Biochemistry
** Joint appointment in the Department of Cancer Biology
*** Joint appointments in the Department of Biochemistry and the Department of Chemistry


Inhibition of stress fiber formation in Swiss 3T3 cells by rho kinase Inhibitor for potential treatment of spinal cord Injury. Work performed by Thomas Schroeter, Ph.D., Evelyn Griffin, and Philip LoGrasso, Ph.D.

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