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Scientific Report 2006

Scripps Florida

Cancer Biology

Chairman's Overview


John L. Cleveland, Ph.D.
Professor and Chairman

Nagi G. Ayad, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Michael D. Conkright, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Kendall W. Nettles, Ph.D. *
Assistant Professor

Research Associates

Antoino Amelio, Ph.D

John Bruning, Ph.D.

Frank C. Dorsey, Ph.D.

Jeffrey E. Habel, Ph.D.

Dympna Harmey, Ph.D.

Jelena Janjic, Ph.D.

Becky Mercer, Ph.D.

Anthony D. Smith, Ph.D.


Activation of the estrogen receptor-a (ER-α). Ribbon diagram shows ER-α (yellow) bound to a peptide of the Grip1 coactivator (red) and to the ER-α agonist tetrahydrocrysene (blue). ER-α has well-known roles in the progression and treatment of breast and uterine cancer, whereas ER-β contributes to resistance to prostate and colon cancer. This structure defines features that are required for tetrahydrocrysene to act as an ER-α agonist, but as an antagonist of ER-β, and it reveals the mechanism of ligand-selective signaling. Work and image done in the laboratory of Kendall W. Nettles, Ph.D.

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