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Scientific Report 2005

Network for Women in Science

The Network for Women in Science (NWiS) was founded in 2003 by Scripps Research graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members. Since its inception, NWiS has striven to provide support, guidance, and opportunity for female scientists at Scripps Research; to create awareness of issues that affect the development and success of the women’s scientific careers; to promote diversity at Scripps Research; and to make a positive difference in the culture of science for the benefit of the entire scientific community.

During the 2004–2005 academic year, the network sponsored numerous events aimed at identifying obstacles and issues concerning female scientists. NWiS hosted several outstanding female professors from across the United States. In February 2004, Nancy Hopkins, professor of biology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, spoke about her research into genes essential for early development of zebra fish. She also presented her groundbreaking study, “MIT’s Response to a Report on the Status of Women Faculty in Science,” which led to massive reforms in the treatment of female scientists at MIT.

In April 2005, NWiS organized the panel discussion “Patching the Leaky Pipeline: Identifying and Addressing the Causes of the Loss of Women Scientists From Academia.” The panel consisted of Clare Waterman-Storer and Donna Gruol, associate professors at Scripps Research; Barbara Sawrey, vice chair for education, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego; and Anna-Maria Hays, a staff scientist at Ambryx Biotechnology, Inc., Irvine, California. Recurring NWiS events included the biannual mentoring lunch, which provides the opportunity for junior female scientists to meet the female faculty from Scripps Research and the annual Krav Maga women’s self-defense workshop.

NWiS wishes to express its appreciation to Jeff Kelly, vice president, academic affairs; Jan Hill of the Postdoctoral Services Office; and the Scripps Research graduate program for their enthusiastic support of NWiS activities.

Network For Women In Science 2004–2005
Anne Bunner Chair
Holly Heaslet Vice Chair
Laura Hunsicker-Wang Secretary
Nicole Rahe Secretary
Anna Reynolds Publicity
Crystal Anglen Publicity
Kiyomi Komori Webmistress
Chitladda Mahanivong Webmistress
Jamie Keck Social Chair
Trish Burdo Social Chair
Faculty Advisors
Jane Dyson
Sandra Schmid
Marty J. Fedor
Clare Waterman-Storer
Roberta Gottlieb
Jamie Williamson

Lindsey Miles

Dong-Er Zhang



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