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The Society of Fellows had a successful 40th year as we continued our mission of enhancing the postdoctoral training at TSRI by promoting interactions between the Scripps postdoctoral fellows and the TSRI and greater scientific communities. The Distinguished Lecture Series, a career development series, 2 research symposia, and many social functions were sponsored by the Society this year.

The Society continued its tradition of bringing in outstanding scientists as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series. In October 2001, human genome project pioneer J. Craig Venter presented "Sequencing the Human Genome." In November 2001, the 2000 Nobel Prize winner Paul Greengard presented "The Neurobiology of Slow Synaptic Transmission." In December 2001, Daniel Dennett, professor and director of the Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts University, spoke about "How Scientists Should Try to Explain the 'Magic' of Consciousness." March 2002 brought us 1993 Nobel Prize winner and pop culture icon Kary Mullis, with a seminar entitled "Science: The Realm of the Senses." And, in May 2002, Leslie Orgel, a professor at the Salk Institute, presented his seminar "Before the RNA World."

This past year was the fifth year for the Fall Research Symposium. The symposium was an all-day affair with sessions in chemistry, structural biology, immunology, and cell and molecular biology. Each session began with a presentation by an invited speaker. After the keynote seminars, TSRI postdoctoral fellows and graduate students had the opportunity to give a talk on their research and to compete for travel awards.

Another major event sponsored by the Society was the 14th Annual Spring Research Symposium and Vendor Show. At the spring symposium, members of the Society were invited to present their work through posters and again to compete for travel awards. The winners of the $800 travel awards were Neel Krishna, Jens Leifert, Natalie Prigozhina, Dorian McGavern, and Simone Graber. The $400 travel award winners were Peter Goebel, Derek Taylor, and Natalie Goto. This year at the vendor exposition, 75 chemical, biotechnical, and instrumentation companies displayed their latest scientific equipment and technology. The fall and the spring symposia were extremely successful events and will be continued in the coming years.

Our career series took off this year. The Society organized an alternative careers session in November 2001, which included presentations from a patent agent, the West Coast science writer for Nature magazine, and an assistant director of science and technology policy from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC. In July 2002, we hosted our first biotech happy hour, featuring 10 local biotech companies with positions to fill. More than 150 TSRI postdoctoral fellows and graduate students attended. The event was a huge success, and the Society plans to offer several of these events each year.

The Society sponsored a trip the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, a ski trip to Big Bear Mountain, and a whale watching trip. In addition to these outings, 2 parties at the Martin Johnson House at Scripps Institution of Oceanography offered plenty of opportunities for meeting fellow postdoctoral students.

The executive committee expresses its appreciation to the office of the President for their enthusiastic support of the Society's activities.

Emily BurkePresident
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