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The following are those individuals and organizations who, over the years, have given $1 million or more in support of investigations at the Research Institute. We specially honor them and recognize their dedication to the advancement of medical science.
American Cancer Society, Inc.American Heart Association
David K. Anderson Charitable Lead TrustGordon M. Anderson Charitable Lead Trust
Anonymous (15)Arthritis Foundation
Dr. Arnold O. Beckman and the
Arnold and Mabel Beckman FoundationBecton Dickinson and Company
Cancer Research Institute, Inc.The Council for Tobacco Research
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. CramerDamon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Fund
Harold L. Dorris Neuroscience FoundationHelen L. Dorris Foundation
Walter Fitch IIIJuanita Francis
Dr. and Mrs. Cecil H. GreenMr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Hahn
Ernest W. and Jean Hahn Charitable TrustLita Annenberg Hazen
Juvenile Diabetes FoundationW.M. Keck Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. W. Keith Kellogg IIMr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Klein
Gladys Q. KnappLeukemia Society of America
Mr. and Mrs. John D. LuskLucille P. Markey Charitable Trust
G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers FoundationMr. and Mrs. John Jay Moores
National Multiple Sclerosis SocietyPitman Moore, Inc.
The Rockefeller FoundationMr. and Mrs. Donald Roon
Mr. and Mrs. Leo RoonMr. and Mrs. John Safer
The E.W. Scripps FamilyDonald P. and Darlene V. Shiley
Aline W. and L.S. SkaggsThe Skaggs Institute for Research
Mrs. Betty L. SpringerSam and Rose Stein Charitable Trusts
Buddy Taub Foundation

OCTOBER 1, 2000, TO SEPTEMBER 30, 2001

The following list acknowledges the generosity of the many friends of The Scripps Research Institute who contributed during the past year.
$100,000 OR MORE
American Cancer Society, Inc.American Diabetes Association
American Heart AssociationArthritis Foundation
Donald E. and Delia B. Baxter FoundationThe Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation
Oscar A. BiglerBurroughs Wellcome Company
Cancer Research Institute, Inc.Mrs. William E. Conner
Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer FundDr. and Mrs. John D. Diekman
Harold L. Dorris Neuroscience FoundationHelen L. Dorris Foundation
Ellison Medical FoundationMr. and Mrs. George L. Forman
Theodore HartLita Annenberg Hazen Foundation
The Hearst Foundation, Inc.Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Juvenile Diabetes FoundationLeukemia Society of America
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, Inc.Mrs. Virginia M. Martin
G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers FoundationMerck Genome Research Institute
Mr. and Mrs. John Jay MooresNational Multiple Sclerosis Society
The David A. Packard FoundationPeninsula Community Foundation
Gustavus and Louise Pfeiffer FoundationMr. and Mrs. John Safer
Dr. and Mrs. Paul SchimmelThomas L. and Ruth F. Shepherd
The Skaggs Institute for Research

$50,000 - $99,999
Anonymous (1)ARCS Foundation, Inc.
William and Sharon Bauce Family FoundationCaP CURE
Mrs. Lela W. CotterGretchen M. Dixon
Camille and Henry Dreyfus FoundationJoseph P. Drown Foundation
Mr. James H. FarwellFidelity Investment Charitable Gift Fund
Genentech, Inc.Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
March of Dimes Birth Defects FoundationMr. Robert E. Martini
National Foundation for Cancer ResearchMr. Robert P. Scripps, Sr.
Torrey Mesa Research InstituteW.E. Walker Foundation
American Chemical SocietyAmerican Parkinson Disease Association
Amgen, Inc.Anonymous (2)
Mr. Robert E. BerghBoehringer Ingelheim Ltd.
The Robert S. and Eloise C. Bowers FoundationBristol-Myers Squibb Company
Jane Coffin Childs Memorial FundJohn G. Davies, Esq.
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS FoundationMr. James E. Iverson
Merck & Company, Inc.Myasthenia Gravis Foundation Inc.
Rett Syndrome Research FoundationThe San Diego Foundation
Schering Sales CorporationSyrrx, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans R. WienerYamanouchi USA Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999
Anonymous (1)Mrs. Betty Anne Money Arenz
Asahi BankMr. George H. Conrades
Cystic Fibrosis FoundationCytopia Pty. Ltd.
Anneliese E. DidierThe Ray Thomas Edwards Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David C. FairchildH. Fort Flowers Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. FosterGencorp Foundation, Inc.
Gilead Sciences
Hereditary Disease FoundationHuang Foundation
Mr. Shing-Yi HuangHutter Family Foundation
Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Eugene V. Klein
Mrs. Lillian L. KremerSigmund and Beverly L. Laube
Life Science Charitable FoundationMaurice J. Masserini Charitable Trust
Mellor Family Foundation
Multiple Sclerosis of CanadaMr. Winnford W. Nance
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Pfizer Inc.
Pharma Design Inc.Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation
The Florence Riford La Jolla FundMrs. Jack T. Sakioka
Sangstat Transplant CompanyScleroderma Foundation
Mrs. Lesly Starr SheltonMr. and Mrs. Mace Siegel
Alfred P. Sloan FoundationVernalis Research Ltd.
Albert L. WeickertWyeth Lederle Japan Ltd.
Carl E. Wynn Foundation
Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc.Anonymous (3)
Marjorie V. BargMr. Paul J. Bowron
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. BrosioMr. Clarence L. Conzelman
Mr. Glen DaughertyMr. and Mrs. James W. Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. ErleyLawrence C. Horowitz, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Bud KrauseMr. Hector V. Leon
Lawrence W. LyttonMorphochem, AG
Ronald J. NewellAneta May Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. OsbornePhilip Morris Companies Inc.
I. Robert and Sylvia Carmel Schlanger FoundationMr. William G. Sommerville
The Tappan FoundationUSA Foundation-Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Wallace
$1,000 - $4,999
Abbott LaboratoriesGene and Elaine Allen Foundation
Allen Graham Inc.Anonymous (6)
AT&T FoundationJo Ann Badeau
Bank of America FoundationBayer Corporation
Baylor College of MedicineBest Family Foundation
Bill's Trailerland Sales Co.Mrs. William McCormick Blair, Jr.
Mr. Gunter BlobelLouis L. Borick Foundation
Ms. Judy BorkMs. Jane C. Botello
Mr. and Mrs. H.G. BourisMr. and Mrs. Robert K. Break
La Verne and Blaine BriggsBuck Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John S. CallahanMrs. Raymond E. Cannon
Capital One Services Inc.Mr. and Mrs. David S. Carton
Thomas E.K. CerrutiMr. and Mrs. Andrew Cianciotto
Cliff C. Clark, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Collinsworth
Community Foundation of Silicon ValleyCommunity Foundation of the United Jewish Federation of San Diego County
James C. Conly, PhDMrs. Nancy A. Connell
Mr. Charles R. ConoMrs. Van Blackie Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Moody CoveyMalcolm Cravens Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Victor M. CruzMrs. Florance G. Cuno
George J. Daou TrustMr. and Mrs. Raymond L. deKozan
Mrs. Ralph DexterDiscovery Partners International, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. DixonMrs. Charles K. Duncan
The Dupont Merck Pharmaceutical CompanyMrs. Richard K. Eckert, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. ErbettaHelen Trahan Farschon
James and Louise FarschonFederation Foundation of Greater Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. Willis L. FehlmanMs. Joan R. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley FishfaderMr. and Mrs. Barry C. Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Ward FitzpatrickFluidmaster, Inc.
The Jewell Fox TrustRobert E. Francis
Mary Jo FrederiksenMr. C. Hugh Friedman and Ms. Lynn A. Schenk
Mrs. Lourdes A. GarciaMrs. Roger T. Gilmartin
Mrs. Eugenia C. GlowMr. and Mrs. Jack Greening
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur V. GrimesMr. and Mrs. Robert C. Gunness
Mrs. Betty Scripps HarveyMrs. Bruce A. Hecker
Mr. and Mrs. William J. HefnerCdr. Harry E. and Dr. Anna P. Helgeson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. HillMr. and Mrs. John P. Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Roger HoweMr. Alan R. Hunter
Mrs. Richard P. IrwinMr. and Mrs. John J. Jachym
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver B. James, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd L. Johnson
Johnston Family FoundationMrs. Richard W. Judd
Mr. and Mrs. William G. KarnesMr. and Mrs. Rexford P. Kastner
David B. Katzin, M.D., Ph.D.Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kole
Robert C. KyleMr. and Mrs. W.R. Lake, Jr.
Bess LambronMrs. Cecelia Lance
Mr. Robert Landers Mrs. Helen S. Levitt
Mr. Leon J. LevitzMr. and Mrs. Jackson T. Lewis
Mr. Robert M. LochMr. and Mrs. William Low
Mrs. Ermina S. MakleMr. and Mrs. William J. Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar G. MayerProfessor James O. McCaldin
Edith L. McCullough. Ph.D.Mr. and Mrs. Owen L. Miller
Mrs. Roy K. MitsuuchiMr. and Mrs. John Mule
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Nelson, Jr.Neogenesis Drug Discovery, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. George K. NervigMr. and Mrs. Winston B. Newell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David OliverDr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Pappelbaum
PARAIDMr. and Mrs. Robert G. Park
Joseph J. PertusatiPharmacia & Upjohn Co.
Ms. Mildred PilotThe Ponagansett Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. PopePrice Charities
Mrs. Edna F. PulverEdward W. Rawlins, Jr.
Mrs. George E. RichardsonPhilip R. Ricker
Ms. C. Kitty RodmanPaul G. Rogers, Esq.
Mrs. Louis RoripaughMr. and Mrs. Angelo J. Rossi
The San Diego FoundationSan Diego Padres Baseball Club
Mr. and Mrs. Yoshiya SanbonmatsuSara Lee Foundation Matching Gift Program
Mrs. Helen E. SavilleIris M. Schleibaum
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood SchwartzMr. and Mrs. Charles E. Scripps, Sr.
Sempra EnergySenturia Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. SheaWilliam H. and Barbara A. Short
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Silva
Captain Harriet A. SimmonsMrs. John T. Snite
Ms. Mary C. SoaresMr. Michel H. Solari
Robert and Carole SopkoMr. Norman J. Sugg
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. SuhrSundstrand Power Systems
Mrs. Clarence L. SwanRay and Shirley Tritten
Valley Trust Deed Services, Inc.Vancouver Lions Club
Jim and Linda WalkerMrs. Clara S. Weerts
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. WeissMr. and Mrs. Earl D. Williams
Wood-Rill FoundationWyeth Ayerst Laboratories
Ms. Lauren Yaffe and Ms. Sidney HuangPenny S. Zorn
$1- $999
Mr. James G. AbrahamMr. George H. Adams, Jr.
AJC Enterprises Mr. and Mrs. Vito J. Altieri
Anadys PharmaceuticalsAnonymous (7)
AntiquorumMr. Martin M. Astl
Dr. and Mrs. Sven A. BachMs. Judi Bailey
Mrs. Jack BakerMr. and Mrs. Bert Ball
Mrs. Charles F. BannanMrs. Ross Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bardini
Mr. Franklin P. BarnhillMrs. Freda F. Bazley
Mr. and Mrs. John E. BealMr. and Mrs. Donald A. Beanston
Ms. Anne BearmanMr. and Mrs. B.D. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent E. BensteadMs. Naomi M. Bergmann
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip S. BettoliMr. Daniel H. Bindler
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. BirsteinMr. and Mrs. Marshall V. Bittick, Jr.
Mrs. Laura F. BjorsethMr. and Mrs. Ed Blitz
Mr. Theodore BlumenstockMr. Samuel Boodman
Mrs. Richard N. BowkerMr. and Mrs. Charles C. Bowles
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. BowmanMr. Steven Bramson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom BronkowMr. and Mrs. John W. Brown
Ms. Bonnie BrownellMr. Matthew Brush
Mrs. Barbara A. BurklowMs. Ethel C. Burress
Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. ByrumMr. and Mrs. John S. Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Glendon M. CampbellCanterbury Capital Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. CappMr. and Mrs. Marvin Carls
Major and Mrs. Manuel L. CarrascoMr. and Mrs. William F. Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. David S. CartonMr. and Mrs. F.P. Castaneda
Ms. Connie G. ChaneyChevron Products Company
Mr. Nam-Hai ChuaRear Admiral Steve S. Clarey
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R. ClarkMs. Joann P. Clark
Mr. Michael CloverMr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. M. Lee CottermanMr. Paul H. Cour
Ms. Lois P. CriswellMr. Samuel R. Crookshanks
Cubic Corporation Clifford D. Cummins, M.D.
Ms. Louise E. CunninghamMr. and Mrs. Samuel Y. Dale
Mrs. Robert DayMrs. Carlos David de Malamud
Ms. Maria Luisa A. de RodriguezMr. and Mrs. Charles W. Dealy, Jr.
Mr. John J. Delibos and Ms. Irene E. DelibosMs. Mary Lou Denison
Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. DennisMr. John J. Di Giovanni
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. DonderoMr. and Mrs. Richard Dondero
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. DrcarMs. Charlotte B. Dreiman
Ms. Shirley DreimanMrs. Betty A. Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. DuncanMr. and Mrs. Sewell N. Dunton, Jr.
Mr. Richard W. Dutton and Mrs. Susan L. SwainMrs. Shirley P. Edwards
Ms. Beverly E. EllisEsskay Properties
Mrs. Earl R. EvansMr. Thomas D. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. John E. EvensonMr. and Mrs. Robert Falkenstein
Ms. Sunni Lynn FarkasMs. Geraldine E. Faucett
Mrs. Walter FeathersMr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ferguson
Ms. Martha L. FerrisMs. Phyllis Firtel
Mr. Harold A. FisherMr. and Mrs. John S. Fisher
Mrs. Dorothy F. FleschMrs. Emi M. Fors
Mr. and Mrs. M. Gordon ForsythMr. Leonard J. Frankel
Mr. and Mrs. George J. FranzenMs. Bettie L. Furuta
Mr. and Mrs. Armando Gallego-MorenoMs. Ruth Gans
Mr. and Mrs. Salvador M. GarayMr. Raoul S. Gazi
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan A. GettingMr. David P. Giesing
Mr. Ray GillcrestMrs. Judith Gillease
Mr. Morris A. GlantzMr. Clarence R. Graham, Jr.
Mr. Kevin P. GrantMrs. Ruth G. Graul
Dr. Oscar GreeneMr. and Mrs. William R. Griffith, Sr.
Mr. Irwin GrossmanMr. and Mrs. Jesus Gutierrez
Mr. Rolf HaasMr. Jeffrey Hachlowski and Ms. Diane Baker
Dr. and Mrs. Harold R. HallMr. Elmo L. Halladay
Ms. Susan T. HamamotoMs. Rita M. Hanf
Ms. Ann HarelsonDr. and Mrs. Seymour A. Hartman
Mr. Carl J. HattermannMr. and Mrs. Robert I. Heisner
Ms. Jeannie P. HibnerHines Interests Limited Partnership
Mr. James HirschfieldMr. Theodore R. Hobson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. HoehnMr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Hoffman
The Hollander FoundationMs. Nancy S. Hongola
Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. HorneMr. and Mrs. Morris E. Horsley
Mr. and Mrs. Lee HousemanBelle Huang, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. HumphreysIBM International Foundation
Mr. Jerome B. IngberMr. and Mrs. John C. Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. David L. IsaJ.J.K. Consulting Services
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. JacobsonMr. Abraham Janoff
Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. JonesMs. Grace V. Jorgensen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. JuchniewiczMr. and Mrs. Gene Judd
Mrs. Frances R. KahanMs. Virginia P. Kantor
Mr. Philip G. KaplanMs. Kay Ann Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. KernMr. Monroe W. Kirkman
Dr. Marc W. KirschnerMs. Donna L. Kisela
Mr. and Mrs. Buster I. KiyonoMr. Jerry Klein
Kline Family FoundationMrs. Marie L. Kline
Mr. Stephen M. KoltaiDr. and Mrs. Samuel Krain
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell E. KronenbergMr. and Mrs. Richard G. Kuck
Mr. and Mrs. David S. LaceyMr. and Mrs. Walter G. Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. LarsonThe Learning Tree
Mr. Charles P. LeBeauMs. Mary Lee Ledbetter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. LehnerMr. and Mrs. Herb Lemelle
Mr. and Mrs. Charles LeMenagerMs. Carey S. Leva
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. LevyMr. and Mrs. Gene Littler
The Loan Factory, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. MacDonald
Mr. William R. MachganMr. and Mrs. Calvin C. Mank
Ms. Daisy MartinMs. Sandi Mataga
Mr. Frederick K. McCannMr. and Mrs. Richard E. McCants
Mr. and Mrs. Don L. McCartyMr. James D. McCoy
Ms. Sally D. McDonaldMr. J. Richard McIntosh
Ms. Margaret F. McIrvinMs. Pam McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKinzieGeneral and Mrs. Kenneth McLennan
Ms. Diana L. McNeilMr. Donald E. McRoberts
Mr. and Mrs. John W. McRoskeyMr. Job F. Measom
Messner & SmithMr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Metzgar
Mr. and Mrs. Barth A. MikalsMr. Newell L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. MitchellMr. and Mrs. Lajosh Mohachy
Mr. Frank Anthony MongullaMr. and Mrs. Neil Morgan
Ms. Kathryn A. Morrow and Mr. Lenard NissensonMrs. Leonie Moses
Drs. R.S. and Barbara MullenMr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Munar
Colonel and Mrs. Edward S. MurphyMr. Thomas L. Mushegain
Mr. and Mrs. James E. MusselmanMr. and Mrs. John F. Nastrini
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory NelsonMr. Harry M. Nickel
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip D. NicoMs. Ingrid R. Niesman
Northern Trust Investments, Inc.Mr. George K. Ojakian
Mr. Edward J. O'Rourke, Sr.Dr. and Mrs. Martin E. Orro
Mr. Charles OsbornJo Anne Overleese, M.D.
Mr. Harold I. PalashMr. and Mrs. Barton M. Palmer
Paoluccio, Paoluccio AssociatesMs. Genevieve Pawlowski
Mr. William R. PaydenMr. and Mrs. D.B. Pehrson
Dr. Camillo PeracchiaMr. Marvin Perlman
Mr. Thomas B. Phillips, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Platis
Mr. A.E. PrattMrs. George Price
Professional CounselingThe Quaker Oats Foundation
Dr. James P. QuigleyR&J Dondero, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. RamslandMr. Lawrence L. Reibman
Ms. Annie E. ReynoldsMrs. Ida M. Ricci
Mr. and Mrs. John Rider Mr. and Mrs. Darren J. Robbins
Mrs. Esthere RobertsMr. Vird A. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. RoldDr. and Mrs. Abraham Romanowsky
Captain A.K. Romberg, USN (Ret.)Mr. and Mrs. Herman H. Rosenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd R. RossCaptain Richard B. Ross and Mr. Keith E. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rowe
Ms. Evelyn O. RoyDr. and Mrs. Milton A. Rubin
Mrs. Mildred C. SaalDavid A. Sabourin, D.D.S.
Mrs. Fae P. SangerJames J. Santiago Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. Peter SatirMr. and Mrs. Robert G. Schaffeld
Mr. Stuart ScheidlerMs. Marian M. Schemmer
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund W. SchlossMrs. Vesta Jenks Schmidt
Dr. and Mrs. James A. SchoenbergerMr. and Mrs. George Schuller
Ms. Pamela SchulteMr. and Mrs. Robert E. Schulz
Ms. Naomi SchwartzSDG&E Employees Contribution Club
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. SedlerJohn R. Seffrin, Ph.D.
Mr. James Roy Seitz, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. James R. Shaffer
Admiral and Mrs. U.S. Grant SharpMrs. Lee C. Shaw, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael ShermanMr. Edmund J. Shoop
Mr. and Mrs. William H. ShortMr. and Mrs. Bertram N. Shure
Mr. and Mrs. William H. SieversMr. Peter Sih
Mrs. Freda SilverDr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Silverstein
Ms. Eugenia SimpsonMrs. Frieda B. Singer
Dr. and Mrs. Charles G. SmithMr. George Smalley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. SmothersMr. and Mrs. Charles E. Snyder, Sr.
Ms. Betty L. SouthardMrs. Seema Sperling
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Reed SprinkelMr. Andrew H. Stallings
Ms. Greta L. StancikDr. and Mrs. J. Newell Stannard
Ms. Kathryn M. StarrDiane Stein Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. SteinDr. and Mrs. Donald A. Stewart
Jack and Mark Stiefel DairyMr. and Mrs. Horst H. Streblow
Mr. Richard K. StrowmattMr. and Mrs. William L. Stugart, Jr.
Ms. Ann E. SummersMrs. Charles Alva Swanburg
Mr. Earl H. SwansonMr. and Mrs. Arthur N. Talbot
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. TalmonMr. Bernard Tardif
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin G. ThomasMr. and Mrs. Billy J. Thomas
Mr. Samuel L. TravisMrs. Helen E. Trethaway
Ms. Marian C. TrollanRoger Tubbesing, D.D.S., and Barbara Tubbesing, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. TuthillTwentieth Century Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard TynenMr. Stephen A. Ugolini
Valley Trust Deed Services, Inc.Mrs. Angelina G. Velasco
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. VerstuyftMr. and Mrs. Alvaro R. Virissimo
Ms. Margaret H. VlcekMr. and Mrs. Jerry Wahl, Sr.
Mr. T.M. WalkerMr. and Mrs. Donald R. Watkins
Dr. and Mrs. Ansel WatrousMr. Matthew Watson
Mrs. Edith B. WattsMr. and Mrs. Arthur Weiner
Mrs. Patricia R. WelshMr. and Mrs. H.F. Westphal
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph WienerMr. Robin L. Williams
Mr. Roy E. WilliamsonMr. Leonard Willig
Mr. John H. WilsonMr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Wolski
Ms. Charmaine K. WoolleyMr. and Mrs. Ching-Sing Yang
Mr. Gerald YavitzMs. Lisa Yorhis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. YoungMr. Gerald J. Zafft
Mr. and Mrs. William Zarkades
Jo Ann AndersonDr. Bernard M. Babior
Dr. Ernest BeutlerDr. Gary M. Bokoch
Michael J. Buchmeier, Ph.D.Dennis R. Burton, Ph.D.
Edward K. Chan, Ph.D.Hanna Damke, Ph.D.
Gregory J. del Zoppo, M.D.Dr. Thomas S. Edgington
M.G. Finn, Ph.D.Dr. Nicholas Gascoigne
Elizabeth D. Getzoff, Ph.D.Dr. M. Reza Ghadiri
Robin B. GoldsmithDr. Joel Melvin Gottesfeld
Luca Guidotti, Ph.D., D.V.M.Wendy Lynn Havran, Ph.D.
Dr. Mary Jo HeebSteven J. Henriksen, Ph.D.
Dr. Paul G. HeyworthJames A. Hoch, Ph.D.
Dr. Kim D. JandaDr. Jeffery W. Kelly
Mr. Tony KerrDr. Ulla G. Knaus
George F. Koob, Ph.D.Mr. Arnold LaGuardia and Mrs. Susan Mazza
Richard A. Lerner, M.D.Mark R. Mayford, Ph.D.
Dr. David NemazeeDr. and Mrs. K.C. Nicolaou
Dr. Michael B.A. OldstoneDr. Arthur J. Olson
Dr. Anthony J. PelletierKenneth Michael Pollard, Ph.D.
Vito Quaranta, M.D.James P. Quigley, Ph.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Wolfram RufDr. Zaverio M. Ruggeri
Mr. Paul RussellDr. Daniel R. Salomon
Dr. Michael F. SannerDenise M. Scalzo
Dr. and Mrs. Paul SchimmelSandra L. Schmid, Ph.D.
Dr. Gary SiuzdakRay Stevens, Ph.D.
John A. Tainer, Ph.D.Dr. Eng M. Tan
Dr. and Mrs. Peter TobiasBruce E. Torbett, Ph.D.
Richard J. Ulevitch, Ph.D.Peter K. Vogt, Ph.D.
Clare M. Waterman-Storer, Ph.D.Dr. and Mrs. Wiliam O. Weigle
Friedbert Weiss, Ph.D.Paul Wentworth, Ph.D.
Donna J. WestonDr. James R. Williamson
Dr. Curtis B. WilsonDr. Ian A. Wilson
Dr. Chi-Huey WongPeter E. Wright, Ph.D.
Kaye I. Wynne



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