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The Society of Fellows had an outstanding 38th year as we continued our mission of enhancing the postdoctoral training at TSRI by promoting interactions between the Scripps postdoctoral fellows and the TSRI and greater scientific communities. The Distinguished Lecture Series, a career development series, 2 research symposia, and many social functions were sponsored by the Society this year.

The Society hosted a number of speakers as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series. Robert Gallo, director of the Institute of Human Virology and Division of Basic Science, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, presented the lecture "HIV Pathogenesis and Some Biological Means for Its Control." In October, the Society of Fellows and the San Diego Science and Technology Council cosponsored a lecture by Rita Colwell, director of the National Science Foundation, titled "Expanding Frontiers of Knowledge." Visiting from the University of Washington, Mary-Claire King presented "Genetic Analysis of Breast and Ovarian Cancer." Salvador Moncada, a professor at the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research, University College London, presented "Nitric Oxide: Discovery, Physiology, and Pathophysiology." The seminar series remains the highlight of our activities, and we look forward to continuing this successful program.

This past year was the third year for the Fall Research Symposium. The symposium was an all-day affair with sessions in chemistry, structural biology, immunology, and cell and molecular biology. Each session began with a presentation given by an invited speaker. After the keynote seminars, members of the Society had the opportunity to give a talk on their research and to compete for travel awards. Our invited speakers were Peter Dervan from the California Institute of Technology, Stephen Schoenberger from The La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, Robert Clubb from the University of California, Los Angeles, and Jonathan Weissman from the University of California, San Francisco. Travel awards, which help defray the cost of travel to a professional meeting, were presented to Kathryn Koeller (chemistry), Gino Cingolani (structural biology), Andrew Saphire (immunology), and Nick Rhind (cell and molecular biology).

At the Spring Symposium, members of the Society presented their work through posters and again competed for travel awards. Award winners were Kyle Frantz (neuropharmacology); Julie Jameson, Joanne Labriola, Dwayne Stupack, and Tomasz Zal (immunology); and John Laity (molecular biology). This year the vendor exposition was expanded again; 93 chemical, biotechnical, and instrumentation companies displayed their latest scientific equipment and technology. Both the fall and the spring symposia were extremely successful events and will be continued in the coming years.

The Society also continued efforts to provide its members with opportunities for career development. We hosted 3 career speakers. Scott Allen, staff scientist at Puracyp LLC, San Diego, and Bob D. Brown, cofounder of Oasis Biosciences, Inc., San Diego, gave valuable insights in their presentation, "Starting Your Own Start-Up: Perspectives From the Field." Chandra Louise, author of Jump Start Your Career in BioScience, presented "Careers in Bioscience: What Your Training May Not Have Taught You." This lecture was arranged by the Employee and Graduate Student Counseling Department and the TSRI Society of Fellows. The workshop was jointly sponsored by the Society of Fellows; Drs. Koob, Beutler, Ginsberg, Edgington, Mosier, Buchmeier, Hugli, Kaye, and Sprent; and the Graduate Studies Program. With BIOCOM/San Diego, a trade organization of local biotechnology companies, the Society hosted a seminar presented by Mark D. Dibner, president of The Institute for Biotechnology Information, Research Triangle Park, NC, on the "Impact of the Biotechnology Industry on Careers for Biological Scientists."

The Society sponsored a ski trip to Big Bear Mountain that was as popular as ever. Three parties at the Martin Johnson House, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, offered plenty of opportunities for meeting fellow postdocs. We also had monthly gatherings that everyone enjoyed.

The executive committee expresses its appreciation to the office of the President for its enthusiastic support of the Society's activities.

Thorsten BergPresident
John LaityTreasurer
Avi SpierProgram Chair
Dirk HomannSocial Chair
Jane LloydTechnical Staff Representative
Colleen McKiernan, Micheal Bracey, Phyllis Frosst, Ming Duanmu Vice-Presidents, Cell Biology
Jing WeiVice-President, Chemistry
Olivia JinVice-President, Chemical Biology
Yan Ma, Mikhail MalakhovVice-Presidents, Molecular and Experimental Medicine
Patricia Fagan Jones, Sonja Dames, Rebecca PageVice-Presidents, Molecular Biology
Ann StikoVice-President, Vascular Biology
Emily BurkeVice-President, Neuropharmacology
Micah Gearhart, Ted FossGraduate Student Representatives
Matthias von HerrathHonorary Member



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