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The Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology
Scientific Report 1998-1999

Chemical Synthesis and Chemical Biology

K.C. Nicolaou, K.A. Agrios, T. Bando, P. Baran, S. Barluenga, O. Baudoin, F. Bernal, A. Bigot, C. Boddy, B. Bollbuck, G.-Q. Cao, S. Cho, H.-S. Choi, E. Couladouros, M. Finlay, K.-C. Fong, D. Gray, J. Gunzner, A. Hassner, Y. He, D. Hepworth, R. Hughes, N. Jain, R. Jautelat, S. Kim, N. King, A. Koumbis, H. Li, J. Li, T. Li, Y. Li, H. Mitchell, F. Murphy, K. Namoto, S. Natarajan, T. Ohshima, J. Pfefferkorn, J. Ramanjulu, R. Rodriguez, R. Scarpelli, K. Simonsen, M. Shoji, C. Smethurst, M. Solomon, M. Takayanagi, J. Trujillo, H. Suzuki, G. Vassilikogiannakis, D. Vourloumis, H. Wei, D. Weinstein, B. Werschkun, B. Weyershausen, N. Winssinger, M. Woodrow, J. Xu, Z. Yang, W.-H. Yoon, Y.-L. Zhong

Our group focuses on research in chemistry, biology, and medicine. Specifically, we are involved in the chemical synthesis and chemical biology of naturally occurring and designed substances. Nature has been amply generous to us as synthetic chemists, biologists, and clinicians by providing us with wondrous molecules that have interesting biological activities and that often can cure disease and provide challenges and opportunities in research. Aspirin, penicillin, and paclitaxel (Taxol) are natural products well known for their biological effects on the human body and for their beneficial value in treating pain, infectious disease, and cancer, respectively. As chemists, we can synthesize such natural compounds and redesign their molecular structures to produce new substances with improved pharmacologic properties.

Such naturally occurring target molecules provide unique opportunities for us to make discoveries and inventions in new synthetic technology and synthetic strategies, total synthesis, chemical biology, and medicine. Currently, targets in our group include the anticancer agents epothilones A and B, eleutherobin, and sarcodictyins A and B; the antibiotics vancomycin, teicoplanin, and everninomycin; the cholesterol-lowering agents CP-225,917 and CP-263,114; a number of angiogenesis inhibitors and potential gene therapy agents; the TNF production inhibitor BMS-182123; and a number of marine neurotoxins associated with the "red tide" phenomenon (Fig. 1).

Particularly exciting is our program in cancer chemotherapy involving the molecular design, chemical synthesis, and biological screening of new classes of compounds called epothilones, sarcodictyins, and eleutherobins. Aided by principles of organic chemistry and computer modeling, we design new molecules, synthesize the molecules in the laboratory, and then test them against cancer cells in a search for potential anticancer agents that may be superior to the known anticancer agents such as paclitaxel. Progress in this and other fronts over the last year has been both exciting and highly rewarding.


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