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The Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology
Scientific Report 1999-2000

Chemical Synthesis and Chemical Biology

K.C. Nicolaou, P. Baran, S. Barluenga, O. Baudoin, F. Bernal, A. Bigot, C. Boddy, B. Bollbuck, G.-Q. Cao, S. Cho, H.-S. Choi, N. Diedrichs, K.-C. Fong, K. Fylaktakidou, J. Gruber, D. Gray, A. Hassner, Y. He, R. Hughes, N. Jain, K. Jíláli, J.-K. Jung, A. Kakolyrí, R. Kranich, A. Koumbis, H. Li, J. Li, T. Li, Y. Li, A. McClory, H. Mitchell, F. Murphy, K. Namoto, M. Orfanopoulos, M. Pereíra, J. Pfefferkorn, A. Pihko, P. Pihko, A. Ritzen, A. Roecker, R. Rodríguez, B. Safina, R. Scarpelli, M. Shoji, K. Simonsen, C. Smethurst, S. Snyder, H. Suzuki, J. Tae, T. Ulven, G. Vassilikogiannakis, J. Vega, H. Wei, B. Werschkun, B. Weyershausen, K. Wilcoxen, N. Winssinger, J. Xu, W.-H. Yoon, Y.-L. Zhong, N. Zou

Today, total synthesis of natural products is associated with prudent and tasteful selection of challenging and preferably biologically important target molecules, the discovery and invention of new synthetic strategies and technologies, and explorations in chemical biology through molecular design and mechanistic studies. Future strides in the field most likely will be aided by advances in the isolation and characterization of naturally occurring novel molecular targets, the availability of new reagents and synthetic methods, and information and automation technologies. Such strides are destined to bring the power of organic synthesis closer to, or even beyond, the boundaries of naturally occurring materials, boundaries that currently, and despite our many advantages, still look so far away.

Today, the power of chemical synthesis is expressed in the endeavors of medicinal and combinatorial chemists who are attempting to confront the human genome with small-molecule libraries in efforts to identify ligands that may become new medicines for humanity. Indeed, most ethical drugs of our times are small organic molecules. Whether derived from naturally occurring materials or man-made, these molecules exert their pharmacologic actions by binding and modulating the function of disease-related biological targets (e.g., genes, proteins). Such molecules include the celebrated drugs aspirin, penicillin, paclitaxel (Taxol), and vancomycin.

The discovery, total synthesis, and chemical biology of several naturally occurring molecules and the contributions of chemical synthesis and combinatorial chemistry to drug discovery and development are the guiding principles of our research efforts supported by the Skaggs Institute.

During the past year or so, we made progress in the areas of anticancer agents, antibiotics effective against drug-resistant bacteria, and combinatorial compound libraries from which a number of biologically active molecules emerged. More specifically, we synthesized and tested a series of epothilone analogs, including the potent pyridine-substituted epothilones, some of which are more powerful antitumor agents than the natural substances. We also synthesized vancomycin, an antibiotic used in hospitals as a last line of defense. We used the developed chemistry to construct a series of highly potent antibiotics effective against vancomycin-resistant bacteria and are further refining the structures of the molecules. Furthermore, we completed the total synthesis of the complex oligosaccharide antibiotic everninomicin (Ziracin) and began a new program based on combinatorial chemistry to discover other types of new antibacterial agents (Fig. 1).

In addition to these programs, we determined the absolute configuration of the CP molecules (potential anticancer and cholesterol-lowering compounds) and completed our studies on the total synthesis of brevetoxin A and trichodimerol. Trichodimerol inhibits the production of tumor necrosis factor and is a lead compound for the development of potential therapies for septic shock. Particularly exciting were our new synthetic technologies for the synthesis of novel molecular diversity from which new leads for drug discovery may arise. Our results in this area include the identification of novel antiviral agents, enzyme inhibitors, and antibacterial and antitumor agents.


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