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The Skaggs Institute
for Chemical Biology

Scientific Report 2006

Chemical Synthesis and Chemical Biology

K.C. Nicolaou, X. Alvarez-Mico, I. Andrews, S. Arseniyadis, R. Averso, W. Brenzovich, P. Bulger, A. Burtoloso, J. Chen, K. Cole, A. Converso, A. Corbu, J. Crawford, P. Dagneau, R. Denton, A. Estrada, D. Edmonds, S. Ellery, C. Fang, R. Faraoni, T. Francis, M. Frederick, M. Freestone, R. Gibe, R. Harbach, D. Harris, S. Harrison, V. Jeso, A. Johnson, T. Koftis, A. Lanver, K. Lee, S. Lee, A. Lemire, A. Lenzen, A. Li, H. Li, Y. Lim, T. Ling, T. Lister, D. Lizos, E. Loizidou, N. Mainolfi, S. Mandal, C. Mathison, R. Milburn, R. Mogul, A. Morgan, A. Nold, A. Noncovich, R. Noronha, A. Ortiz, C. Papageorgiou, D. Pappo, L. Pasunoori, K. Pendri, G. Petrovic, J. Piper, D. Polet, A. Polk, G. Pontremoli, B. Pratt, D. Sarlah, P. Sasmal, C. Schindler, D. Shaw, X. Sun, T. Suzuki, W. Tang, Y. Tang, G. Tria, C. Turner, T. Umezawa, J. Wang, H. Xu

During the past year, we made considerable progress toward the synthesis and investigation of several biologically active molecules (Fig. 1). In 2 communications, we described the total synthesis of the newly discovered antibiotic abyssomicin C and its novel atropisomer, atrop-abyssomicin C, both of which have strong antibacterial properties. In a separate communication, we reported our progress toward synthesis of the potent antitumor antibiotics lomaiviticins A and B. We also developed and reported new technologies for preparing important building blocks for chemical and pharmaceutical research. In addition we completed new syntheses of the marine neurotoxins azaspiracid-1, azaspiracid-2, and azaspiracid-3 and published the results. Furthermore, we achieved the total syntheses of a number of antitumor agents from the cytoskyrin family and the first total synthesis of the marine-derived antitumor antibiotics marinomycins A and B. Considerable progress has been made toward the total syntheses of hyperforin and vannusal A. Finally, we designed, synthesized, and evaluated a number of epothilones with antitumor properties.

Fig. 1. Selected target molecules.

Chemical synthesis and chemical biology are among the most active frontiers in chemistry today. Indeed, these disciplines provide unique opportunities for discovery and invention of new science and technology and a vigorous platform for training young chemists and biologists. Often guided by architecturally intriguing and biologically active natural products, investigations in these areas lead to new knowledge that strengthens the foundation on which drug discovery and development rely. The stories of many miracle drugs of our times are associated with chemical synthesis and its creative power, which play pivotal roles either in the discovery or the manufacture of the drugs, and often in both. Advances in the field, therefore, enhance the ability of researchers to discover and develop new medicines for humans. It is within these areas, chemical synthesis and chemical biology, that we endeavor to discover new science, useful biological tools, and potential new drug candidates.


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K.C. Nicolaou, Ph.D.
Aline W. and L.S. Skaggs Professor of Chemical Biology
Darlene Shiley Chair in Chemistry
Chairman, Department of Chemistry

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