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The Scripps Research Institute Receives Grant for Teacher Training from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

La Jolla, CA. May 5, 1998 -- The Scripps Research Institute has received a grant of $125,000 from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations to help fund an endowment for high school teachers as part of its summer research internship program. The funding will be used to strengthen the teachers' opportunities to enhance discovery-based learning in the classroom.

According to William H. Beers, Ph.D., TSRI Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, "We are very grateful to the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations for giving TSRI the means to extend our program of science teacher training at the secondary school level. Through close collaboration with the academic research community, we feel that teachers will benefit from exposure to the latest concepts in contemporary bioscience that they can translate into useful activities and exercises in the classroom."

A small group of science teachers will be selected to spend the summer as part of a research team in a laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute, in which they will focus on the scientific process, research planning, bench experience, experimental design and data analysis. In addition, they will attend seminars on scientific discoveries in biomedical research, the ethics of science, career paths in science, the use of the Internet in furthering scientific information and inquiry, and the use of scientific databases and other resource material for instruction. Also, they will join a task force composed of research scientists and educational administrators to plan a professional development/fellowship program that will be available to science teachers throughout San Diego County during the academic school year.

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, based in Jacksonville, Florida, are a national philanthropic organization established through the generosity of the late American industrialist, Arthur Vining Davis. The purpose of the foundations is to provide financial support to educational, cultural, scientific and religious institutions in the areas of private higher education, secondary education, graduate theological education, health care, and public television. In the field of secondary education, the focus is on strengthening teachers and teaching in high schools. Special consideration is given to projects that seek to address educational concerns and problems on a national level, with the potential to develop solutions for wide application.

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